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    Is Sencha waiting while this thread will be rated out? No comments from them at all...
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    What that Sencha's people are talking about?
    They made the fine framework few years ago. We have been using it.
    But now they changed politics - "bug fixes for money".
    Sencha, your releases are...
  3. Additional information. For update action even rec.reject is not needed: store.load is enough.
  4. Hello.

    If server's response is not successful (success=false) and record is rejected (record.reject) and store is reloaded (store.load), then update action is rejected (as it should be) but...
  5. Hello, phoenix06.

    I have another fix too - everything should be inside Ext.onReady().
    But your fix with direct scripts including looks like better.
  6. Could you, please, post your code for grids filtering here?

    I tried it without success, the same issue.
  7. Hi, s1nf3rn0.

    Yes, I'm using ext-all-debug.js What is the version of ExtJS you are using? Mine one is 4.0.2a.
    The problem is that whatever you do it tries to load /feature/filters.js, while there...
  8. I have got this issue. The same looks like to be here:
  9. Hello.

    Did anybody check and solve this problem?

    For example:

    'Add' button has handler:

    store.insert(0, new SomeModel());
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