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  1. ah I see it is not in the release yet... BTW this bug seems to be in extjs 3 as well

    here is the fix if you cant access the svn:

    change original:
    beforeDestroy : function ...
  2. Instead of using

    disabled: trueinstead use

    readOnly: true,fieldClass: "x-item-disabled"This keeps your field enabled but read only, which is what youre after so that the form will submit the...
  3. dialog = new Ext.ux.UploadDialog.Dialog url: upload-dialog-request.php, reset_on_hide: false, allow_close_on_upload: true, upload_autostart: true, ...
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    Hi,Im using ver 4.8. I have vertical menu, and the submenu exceed the height of the screen. User wont be able to scroll to the bottom of this submenu.Is there any tips I can use to make it work?any...
  5. If you add Fightclub360 to your friends list mate it will have all the members hope this helps .....feel free to chuck a FR this way and i can talk you through anything

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    I'd like to collapse the topic tree and all the subtrees by default for the anonymous user. I noticed that when I login as a user with editor rights the topic tree, at least on the top most level, is...
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    After trying to do a build of all of the yui-ext files with JSBuilder I get the following error from firefox:YAHOO.ext.util has no properties yui-ext-debug.js line 88,Line 88: YAHOO.ext.util.Browser...
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