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  1. Nice work, Phil - thanks for building cool stuff with Sencha :-)And extra props for sharing your knowledge on the blog - that's what it's all about!PS: check your forum inbox
  2. This is really cool, thanks for posting. There's a whole world of motion / proximity - based navigation waiting to be cracked wide open, and it's always good to see people bringing new interaction...
  3. Hi, not sure if this meets your requirement, but have you looked into the tpl config on DataItem (or the itemtpl config on DataView)?
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    Here's a link to the session video:
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    Really nice work - and as a huge fan of the Captain, I appreciate the reference :-)
  6. OK, I see what you mean. It's in the all-inclusive Complete package but not the latest build of the Touch Complete one. I'm not sure why this is and am working on finding out. In the meantime, do you...
  7. One huge benefit of using Architect is that it takes care of generating all of the UI code, leaving you to focus on the config options for components, theming, and writing app logic (controller code)...
  8. Hi, which version of Complete are you using? In my unzipped Complete directory (v the sencha-touch-grid.aux is directly in the top level.
  9. Hi, Samuel -

    What I do when I need to attach non-API events to a component is to target the DOM element directly and add the event listener and handler to the element's initialize event in the...
  10. If you're interested in the Ext JS roadmap, this is a good place to start:
  11. I think we are getting CTRL and Command mixed up here! On my Mac at least, Command+Space brings up Spotlight, while CTRL+Space brings up code completion....
  12. I'm not sure whether the parent component has anything to do with what you are encountering, but if you rework the listeners config as shown below, it works in the fiddle:

    listeners: [
  13. In your grid configuration, you use the columns config 'dataIndex' property to specify which fields from each record should be displayed. See:...
  14. This should be 'ctrl-space'. Thanks for pointing this out, I will report it.
  15. Hi, Erico - what version are you on? I'm not sure I understand what you are looking for. Please be more specific so that we can address your issues. Thanks.
  16. Here's the short version of what you need to do within the Controller:

    Get a reference (via the 'ref' controller config) to the component you want to target
    Use the controller's 'control'...
  17. You should be able to just go ahead and install / activate on the new machine without worrying about the old one. Please let us know if you encounter any issues. Thanks!
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    To invoke code completion, you need to first type the the dot, then CTRL+SPACE to see the relevant options. Please see the Code Completion section on...
  19. All great recommendations from Hanni, to which I'd add Stefanov's Object-Oriented Javascript.
  20. Card layout creates a 'stack' of preloaded views that you can switch between using setActiveItem. You might also want to look at the Ext.navigation.View component, which gives you more control over...
  21. Thanks for being a part of the Beta, Michael!
  22. I've moved this (and the other issue related to the Requires statements) to the Sencha Architect 3.x: Bugs forum, where they are more likely to get a quick response.
  23. While this beta has been a rough ride for sure, I'm happy to report that the latest build (1312) is a huge leap forward. All of the issues I'd been encountering have been fixed, Architect is running...
  24. Thanks for clarifying. Dreamweaver is a general purpose IDE for Web content while Sencha Architect is built from the ground up for the sole purpose of creating applications with Ext JS and Sencha...
  25. Very different tools for very different jobs, so I'm not sure what the usefulness of the comparison would be. Can you be more specific regarding your development goals? Thanks.
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