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  1. Hi,

    I would like to be able to use keys events as follows
    - space bar : to select a line on a EditorGridPanel
    - F7 key on a form : reset a search form . There is a problem on IE8, it asks if we...
  2. Hi
    Sorry, but I have been looking for the solution in the bugs section for hours and I did not find any solution. Could you please tell me more information to help me to find the topic (date,...
  3. Could you write me where can I find the topic in the bug section (eg : an url would be helpful)?
  4. Hi,
    Could you write us where this combo.js has to be put ?
  5. Hi!
    I have a display issue when there is a form with date picker or combo box. The button is one pixel down the field.

    The most surprising is that the alignment issue occures in the qualification...
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    I found the solution for the top margin.
    I added a xtype:'box' in the region north and I replaced the autoHeight by a height parameter.
    Thanks a lot for your help Condor.
    I still find strange...
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    It works ! Thanks a lot Condor !
    And for the top margin which is added ?

    <div id="header">
    <div class="api-title-admin"><a...
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    I created a form with several fields aligned in columns. On the local development server, the date fields are aligned with the labels. But on the qualification server, the date fields are not...
  9. Hi Animal !

    I have the same probleme in ext-all-debug.js. in this line 46535 :
    var bw = this.body.getTextWidth();

    This line is in the doAutoWidth method of the Tip class. I apperas the first...
  10. The problem is fixed.
    Thanks a lot Condor !
  11. I a sorry but I am a newbee with ExtJS. Where do you set this value ?
  12. I already tried that. But the problem is that when the user selects the empty value, the string
    &#38;#160; is displayed. :-(

    Here is my code :

  13. Hi,

    I created a search form with a combo box. The fist combo box value must be empty if the user does not need any search criteria. So the combo box is not a required field in the form. I added...
  14. You were right Condor.
    I have found several solutions in some Java forums :
  15. Hi,
    I find this solution very interesting.
    Could you tell us how to get the jsonData config optin on the server side ?
    In which HTTP request parameter is it available ?
  16. Hi,

    I have to modify the behavior of a EditorGridPanel. When the user presses on the space key, the row must be selected or deselected.
    I added a new listener :

    listeners: {
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    Is it possible like this :

    xtype: 'tricheckbox',
    name: 'tri-check2',
    fieldLabel: 'Checked',
    checked: true,
    disabled: true,
    listeners: {
  18. Replies
    Thanks a lot !

    Is it possible to trigger any action when the user clicks on one tri-state checkbox ?

  19. Hi,
    I have tried to set up this 3 state checkbox in a toolbar. but the 3 state checkbox appears in a the rightest position and without the fieldLabel is not displayed. I use Ext-JS 3.1.1.
    I have...
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