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  1. Sounds to me like you need to scope down where the issue really is.

    This is what helps me if I have a similar situation. I try to add the element to a simpeler component such as a window. This way...
  2. Do you mean you have a Ext.form.Panel inside a Ext.form.Panel? If so try to avoid that I did try that and it doesn't seem to cause an issue with pressing enter though.

    Could you post the entire...
  3. Using your code to render a textarea it seems to work fine
    I placed "new Note" within quotes and ignored the disabled attribute leaving me with this code:

    name: 'AM',
  4. Hi I'm having trouble getting the layout to work right for the numberfield and combobox.

    I'm adding a numberfield dynamicly to a FieldContainer and this sometimes causes the up and down buttons...
  5. Found the solution by trial and error.

    Instead of adding the button using an html string I added a button by passing it as object in my app.js

    Button as object passed as shown below:

  6. Hi there,

    I just started to get into extjs and singed up for this forum so please go easy on me.
    I am trying to attach an event to a button using the Controller::control method.
    With the code I...
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