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  1. I'm using the image replacement technique which is working with iOS 4.3. It does not work in iOS 4.2.1
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  3. The official rules say :
  4. The WP7 browser is a hybrid IE7/iE8 with no support for HTML5 / CSS3 so it's not going to deliver a native like experience through the web. We'll have to wait for IE9 to move to WP7 for that.
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    If your target is the iPhone, take a look at the Quickpic iPhone app.

    They have a JavaScript API that allows you to upload images and movies from your app.
  6. Horizontal alignment:

    <div id="p1" style="text-align:center;"><img id="photo" width="98%"; style="padding:10px;" src="img/t1.jpg"></div>

    Vertical: Haven't tested.
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    Is rotation available on the pinch event? If so, how do I reference?
  8. If you put the image in a div in a panel and set the container width to 100% it will automatically rezise when the orientation changes.

    In the code below I'm using an outer div as a container and...
  9. Also good to know ... you can insert breakpoints in your JavaScript by adding the the debugger statement at any point in your code.

    .. some JavaScript code;
    .. more code;
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  11. I enjoyed watching Ed's presentation on Pivotal Labs.

    Are you going to make the Dribble example source code available?

    Never can have too much...
  12. There are a lot of cool techniques used in the Kitchen Sink app that I think I have a handle on but it would be helpful if someone at Sencha could put together a detailed discussion of the index.js...
  13. That's great .. I'm sure it will be very well received and I'll be one of the first in line to order!

    I really like the fact that I can buy the book in PDF format from Manning and load onto my...
  14. Thanks .. I ended up doing the same thing.

    Really enjoyed your book .. provided a great foundation for EXT JS.

    Very well written and I highly recommend it to anyone coming up to speed on Ext...
  15. I can execute JavaScript on Ajax loaded content with ExtJS by setting an optional boolean argument true.



    Doesn't seem to work...
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