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  1. I found a bug cause field render error while the Window show two times.
    My ExtJS versioin is 3.3.1

    The Javascript code is following:

    Ext.apply(Ext.form.VTypes, {
  2. I had post this at the end of "[FIXED] ExtDesigner for Linux 64 Bit seems to be broke",but the thread is marked as FIXED, so I start a new one.

    If you are using 64bit Linux, try the 32bit version...
  3. At first, the 64bit version Ext Designer is broken on my ubuntu 11.04 64bit, too.

    ┌─ [ 13:11 billy3321@billy3321-X200 ]─(~/ExtDesigner-64bit)
    └─ $ ./ExtDesigner
    Loading libion:...
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