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  1. I've had the same issue for quite a while and no...

    I've had the same issue for quite a while and no fix in sight.

    It seems to me that when the new code is merged with the Delta update code there is a problem. I've never managed to fix it but I did...
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    I guess not then!

    I guess not then!
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    This seems to be an issue with Delta Updates. If...

    This seems to be an issue with Delta Updates. If I set "update": "full" for app.js it appears to upgrade successfully but if I change that value to "update": "delta" I get various different errors...
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    No build issues at all, at least nothing in the...

    No build issues at all, at least nothing in the Terminal window that would suggest an issue.

    If I clear the cache and visit the site for the first time, the site loads fine in Google Chrome...
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    Error evaluating app.js in Android Chrome

    Does anybody know of any reason why I should be experiencing problems with Chrome on Android when attempting to load and eval() my app.js?

    I've tracked the error back to the following code in the...
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    How reliable is navigator.onLine and/or...

    How reliable is navigator.onLine and/or Ext.device.Connection.isOnline()?

    In my experience these checks failing are the number 1 cause of customer complaints.
  7. What's the correct way to deploy a production build update?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction and help me understand the correct way to update my production build (i.e. the web app version).

    I can build the app, it works perfectly and I can then...
  8. Problem solved, and for the benefit of anyone...

    Problem solved, and for the benefit of anyone with the same issue in the future:

    It turns out that the issue was related to me inadvertently asking ST CMD to include cordova-2.4.0.js in the build....
  9. Production build not working on mobile devices

    I've done a production build of a ST2 app using Sencha CMD using the following command:

    sencha app build production

    Everything seemed to go fine, I uploaded it to a webserver and tested it in...
  10. Well, since absolutely nobody, including the...

    Well, since absolutely nobody, including the Sencha Architect developers, are able to help out I've had to end up using Eclipse ADT with a couple of JavaScript plugins (purely to colour code the...
  11. Best way to add Device Profiles when using Sencha Architect

    I know the Sencha Architect doesn't yet support Device Profiles but what is the recommended way of coding this manually whilst using Sencha Architect?

    All the files generated by SA have the...
  12. Calling JavaScript function in JS Resource file doesn't work in Packaged apps

    I have an app that loads data from a remote server and then displays in as HTML in a Panel overlay.

    Part of the HTML has areas that are hidden using standard CSS (i.e. display:block/none;) and I...
  13. cache.manifest file not being created or updated

    According to what I've read in the documentation so far (providing I understand it correctly), the cache.manifest is supposed to be created and updated with a list of resources based on what has been...
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    [DUP] Architect switches to CSS on save

    Architect Build tested:

    Build: 676
    Project Type:

    Touch 2.1

    If I add a CSS resource to the project, as soon as I save the project, irrespective of what I am editing, the IDE...
  15. Read the System Setup guide on this page here: ...

    Read the System Setup guide on this page here:!/guide/command

    SDK Tools is not compatible/necessary for Sencha 2.1, instead you need Java, Compass & Cmd
  16. I had a very similar issue which I solved by...

    I had a very similar issue which I solved by removing the BelongsTo association. It seemed to make sense to me to have this association but upon removing it everything worked as expected.

    I'm very...
  17. How to set DataView's Store to be model's associated Model?

    I have a dataset loading via JSON into a Store which is represented by 3 models. The models pretty much exactly reflect the structure of the JSON as such I have the following:


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