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  1. I meant vbox, it's the same thing. Any reason...

    I meant vbox, it's the same thing.
    Any reason why borderLayout can't support autoHeight?
  2. I'm asking about Ext.layout.BorderLayout:...

    I'm asking about Ext.layout.BorderLayout:
    "multi-pane, application-oriented UI layout style that supports multiple nested panels, automatic bars between regions and built-in expanding and collapsing...
  3. auto height for a container with border layout


    I'm rendering a container with border layout in a div.
    I want the container to get the maximum available height - auto height.
    There is no autoHeight settings in extjs 4 and the container...
  4. @PranKe01 I'm using your code and it works...


    I'm using your code and it works great but I saw weird result recently.
    I'm trying to base64 encode the array

    which should result with:

    Sometimes I'm getting:
  5. [OPEN] This is a serious bug that is known for several...

    This is a serious bug that is known for several months:
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    Ext.apply should ignore undefined vlaues

    Ext.apply doesn't check for undefined values leading to a confusing result.
    In the following example, object b.key1 will be undefined instead of 'old':

    var a = {
    key1: undefined,
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    Can you please update the YUI Compressor version?...

    Can you please update the YUI Compressor version?
    A new version was released on 04/15/2011
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    what is a record?

    What is a record in extjs 4?
    Is it a model instance or a store item or both?
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    [CLOSED]Automatic form record update

    It is possible to assign a record to a form using:

    and later get the record from the form and update it:

    var record = form.getRecord();
    var values = form.getValues();...
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    missing event for onGeoUpdate

    When using useCurrentLocation there is a call to onGeoUpdate which center the map according to the browser location.

    Two things are missing:
    1. An event that fires when onGeoUpdate was called so...
  11. menu show a small rectangle when it has no items

    Tested with B2 on FF4
    When a menu that doesn't have items is clicked, it shows a small rectangle.
    Please see attached image.

    To reproduce go to the toolbar example, remove the items from the...
  12. It's not just that. Old records with the same id...

    It's not just that. Old records with the same id are still accessible.

    The store is seriously broken.
  13. This issue is related:...

    This issue is related:

    Does this help?

    Do you...
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    Store is currpoted when using load?

    Using version 1.1.

    I have a model with an ajax proxy and a store.
    I'm loading 25 records to the store.
    Than I'm updating the record on a server with a form, without changing the record.
  15. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-409] Ext.util.Cookies.clear doesn't remove a session cookie

    Ext.util.Cookies.set uses path "/" by default.
    Ext.util.Cookies.clear doesn't set a path so it doesn't remove a session cookie.

    This override fixes this issue:

    Ext.util.Cookies.clear =...
  16. [OPEN] [OPEN-EXTJSIV-294] multiple 'var' from set and get functions in Ext.util.Cookies

    It is possible to remove several 'var' decelerations to shorten the functions.

    set : function(name, value){
    var argv = arguments,
    argc = arguments.length,
    expires = (argc > 2)...
  17. [OPEN] [OPEN]Cursor filckers when traversing menu items.

    When hovering over menu items the cursor switches from pointer to arrow and than back to pointer on the border between two items.
    This is not as bad as in Extjs 3 but still need to be fixed.
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    go to:...

    go to:
    click on "Hide inherited members"
    The line below "Methods" disappears.
  19. Wouldn't it be easier if timeHandler and...

    Wouldn't it be easier if timeHandler and requestCallback will act in the same way?
    Why do you want to have a callback for the timer but create a function dynamically for the request?

    It will be...
  20. [OPEN] any chance this fix will be implemented in...

    any chance this fix will be implemented in Ext3.4?

    Are you droping...
  21. [FIXED]ScriptTagProxy instead of Ext.get ?

    In ScriptTagProxy Ext.get is used to remove the script tag after success/failure.
    Maybe it should be replaced with to save resources?

    The function...
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    website suggestions

    "Submit New Thread" and "Preview Post" buttons should have "cursor:pointer"

    If js is enabled, "Log in" at the top menu shouldn't be a link because you show a popup to enter username and password.
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    extjs 4 support

    Are there plans to support extjs 4?
    Do you think many changes are required?

    p.s. can you support disabled fields?
  25. [CLOSED] should be a shorthand of

    Ext.query is a shorthand of
    while is something else.

    It doesn't make sense and confusing.
    It is better to change it now before the major release instead of leaving...
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