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  1. [OPEN] Unwanted change element's index after update record in grouped list

    Dataview and Store Filtering

    [B]Ext version tested:

    Touch 2.0.0
    [B]Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 20 (Win7)
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    Plz help me! About grouper sorting..

    This is a example, almost same document of list. Just some data's

    changed to KOREAN.

    and this will be grouped by

    'A','D','J','S','?','?','?' ,

    But i want to grouped by
  3. Is there way to prevent 'standalone' mode when open with homescreen in 'IOS'?

    Title is all,i need webbapp on 'safari mode' startup by homescreen mode..

    But i don't know how.. help me plz!
  4. Please help me!.. add homescreen webapp on ios's safari

    I have made webapp(not native pkg) by sencha. good perfomence, thank sencha..

    But when i add homescreen to my iPhone, and opening that.. i was seeing sencha's web runniing

    on cache...
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    how to hide checkbox selection column when i export grid's data to excel file


    my columns are code, name, price and add checkboxSelection model!...
    i added export button and success download excel file.. but this(upload image) is what i don't want..
    So i tried edit...
  6. yes i tried it on 4.1.0 beta3, but same problem was showed

  7. CellModel('select')event isfired when click same position cell already to be selected

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 17.0

    FireFox 10.0.2
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