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  1. Brazilian Code


    The code posted here works. The full code for use:

    Ext.override(Ext.DatePicker, {
    // private
    update : function(date, forceRefresh) {
    var vd = this.activeDate;
  2. In English ------------- Im using the override...

    In English
    Im using the override from page 2 and put the Nom4d3 correction on page 3. But, dont works. And Im using the DateField in FormPanel (see the code), and not call the...
  3. Error in october 18th

    Hi Mofo,

    I get the same error here. When I select the october 18th, the Datefield change for 17th.

    The amazing is that I found the problem with another application that I have with Java, only...
  4. Not yet

    Hi Mystix,

    Im using Windows XP, and I had the timezone update, but didnt works. Im using de override in #13 too, but Im using the Ext 2.2.

    Do you have any other trick?

  5. Error in a specific Date

    Hi mystix,

    Im from Brazil, and here we use the GMT-03:00. I put your override in my code, and works. But in a specific date 11/10/2009 (october, 11, 2009), the error persist. I select this date,...
  6. How did you make this?

    I want to make the same, but I dont understand how make this. Can you help me?

  7. I had success

    Thanks Animal, for you fast reply!

    But I used other kind of solution and it works. This is my solution:

    var panel = new Ext.FormPanel({
  8. [SOLVED] Download CSV/XLS via FormPanel.submit

    Hi Everyone,

    Im trying to download a file CSV/XLS from a submit in a FormPanel. First I choice a value in a ComboBox, and than I post the form, and the app will be generate the file. But I dont...
  9. It Works

    Hi Dumbledore,

    Thanks for your help. My code works now.

  10. Post don


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