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    format of propertygrid cell in edit mode?

    My propertygrid cells have renderers e.g. 1,123,456 when grid is first displayed. When the cell is selected for edit, there is no formatting, and it is quite difficult to enter a number such as...
  2. one thing I learned here in getting this one...

    one thing I learned here in getting this one worked out - not sure that it is good extjs programming as you guys have implemented an awesome getComp(), down etc way of getting at things :-) .... I...
  3. yes ... with ya ....type = color always has same...

    yes ... with ya ....type = color always has same renderer and editor, other types have their own renderers and editors. So I could create the whole block for a sourceConfig color property and...
  4. sourceConfig: { ...

    sourceConfig: {

    color1: {
    itemId: "idCol2",
    renderer: function(v){
  5. dynamically create sourceConfig for PropertyGrid?

    looking for an example of the sourceConfig data being created dynamically. tia.
  6. Fixed by moving setSource("data2") from...

    Fixed by moving setSource("data2") from propertyGrid cell click to button on panel.
  7. propertygrid with setsource() refresh question

    Have a populated ( with setSource("data1") ) propertygrid on a window .... with a itemclick listener behind grid that implements a setSource("data2"). All properties get immediately reset/refreshed...
  8. yeh finally got there with some string...

    yeh finally got there with some string manipulation .... works perfectly.
  9. can Viewport right-click identify underlying component?

    I have context menus on grid headers and grid columns working properly (grid has "contextmenu" event), and then thought how efficient it would be to move the context menu up a level to the Viewport,...
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    theming individual classes?

    Created Viewport with TabPanel, created 2 separate GridPanel classes by dropping on Views, not ViewPort. Added the 2 GridPanels to Tab1 and Tab2 by linking and checked xtype code to verify that each...
  11. "Install Sencha Architect 3 and Sencha Cmd 4 on your test system." Where is Cmd 4?

    Cannot find a download for Cmd 4. tia. Also, is this the correct link for the forum? Chrome shows the page full of ??????????? etc....
  12. How do I get Architect 2.2? 2.1 is not prompting for the update.

    Still waiting for Architect 2.1 to prompt for the update ... or do I have to purchase this? I am a registered user. tia ..... ok more googling .... apparently this is still a manual process :-)
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    Map component only for Touch?

    Was following a Touch tutorial for Architect, but using 4.1 framework .... why is the Map component only in Architect Touch? tia.
  14. change TabPanel property e.g titleAlign at runtime?

    repost from stackoverflow (no answer - apologies for repetition):

    I can change the title text of a tabpanel using refTabPanel.setTitle() - the built-in method. I can read the title align with 'var...
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    now I'm having fun :-) var funcNm =...

    now I'm having fun :-)

    var funcNm = "setTitle"; refMainTabBar[0].activeTab[funcNm]([drtyData[key]]); works and also apparently
    activeTab[funcNm].apply(activeTab, paramsArray) [stackoverflow]...
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    dot notation to bracket {} notation?

    I can get code behind a button to:
    TabBar.activeTab.setTitle("New Tab");

    but I need to do something like:
    TabBar.activeTab.items = { title: "New Tab"
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    extjs equivalent to Flex URLLoader class?

    Flex URLLoader allows html text of supplied url to be loaded into a Flex variable for parsing etc. tia, Mic.
  18. found a plugin by Mitchell Simoens that does...

    found a plugin by Mitchell Simoens that does context-menu for individual tabs in case anybody else is wanting to do this.
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    hey Scott marking you as best answer as my...

    hey Scott marking you as best answer as my understanding of ext js increases with each one of your posts :-) thanks!
  20. can I place an itemcontextmenu event on a Tab?

    Got context-menus working for grids but need them for tab bar and individual tabs. Is this possible? tia, Mic.
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    got my code working with a 'gridpanel': { ......

    got my code working with a 'gridpanel': { ... rather than specifying one panel. Have no idea why it would not communicate with the named gridpanel 'gridProd1' :-) Since I just work out I need to have...
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    context menu question

    should this controller code work?:

    init: function() {
    'gridProd1' : {
    render: function() {
    Ext.getBody().on("contextmenu", Ext.emptyFn, null,...
  23. passing params to panel constructed within Layout items?

    How would I pass data to "grdProd2"? tia, Mic.

    "xtype": "tabpanel",
    "activeTab": 0,
    "items": [
    "xtype": "panel",
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    thanks for this - I saw a ref to it mentioned in...

    thanks for this - I saw a ref to it mentioned in a blog last week but could not locate it.
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    dynamically add grid column to grid in 4.1?

    Would appreciate example of dynamically adding a column to grid panel. Cannot get any of the examples I found by googling to work. tia.

    just got this to work:

    initComponent: function()
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