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  1. bummer
    back to overriding then...
  2. would this catch Stores\Models network requests or just explicit Ext.Ajax.request s ?
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    Hey all

    I'm trying to use the Sencha Build to minify my project, and came across some oddities I'd appreciate clarifications on:
    1. My app needs login to fetch some resources before it starts...
  4. Any update?
    Is Win phone Mango supported?
  5. Hello

    During a debug of something totally different I came across this line in

    id: ++this.self.requestId,
    I assume the idea was to access the static variable defined on...
  6. It's a real usecase for us. No normal workaround either...
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    Hey all

    I noticed that when adding (updating) stuff in associated fields (of a model), that parent store does not fire the datachanged event.


    is this...
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    Is there a bug open on this? approx. fix date?
    It is a total must for us as well
  9. Well, I tested this again and again on Chrome. and it does send a POST on Chrome....
  10. Hey

    I'm trying to send a form but wants to config it to use PUT instead of POST,
    here's my code:

    var form = record.up('form').getForm();
  11. I hate replying to myself, but the way I found (which satisfies my needs but not so obvious) is use disabled:true
  12. Hello

    Is there a way to prevent a form field from gaining focus?
    I have a readOnly field and don't want the user to be able to focus on it at all (i.e. tab-index -1? )

  13. Hey

    Coming to use Ext.device stuff I got errors that all the classes\files under that namespace are missing,
    and although I do see them under the src folder, I would expect them to be contained...
  14. Using Sencha Touch 2.0.0 I am trying to override a class's behaviour.
    I am following these docs and this forum post on the subject
    But with the following code:

  15. Thanks Scott,

    I am aware of the config. options of models, but was hoping to avoid defining models which are only used within other models (not to register them, just define them inline),
  16. Hello

    I have a complex data structure and would like to have it modeled.
    But I would like to avoid creating the many sub-models that the data has, as they have no independent existence outside...
  17. Very useful! thanks!
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    That I know, same as the way I was able to create my own NavigationView prior to it's addition to Touch 2.0..
    I just thought it is a component worthy of being included in the framework since it...
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    When Sencha Touch 2.0 was first released I was glad to find the NavigationView as integral part of the system,
    But am now looking for a desktop counterpart to it -
    I would like to get...
  20. Hello

    Loading ExtJS 4.1 beta 2 (and also 4.0.7 with different symptoms) dynamically (after the page's load event has fired and the page is ready) causes errors in parsing\loading Ext.

    See below...
  21. Hello

    When I try to apply flex to a component that's already been initialized, it does not affect (looking through the source I see that it doesn't have any listeners on it and the flex is only...
  22. Hey

    So I've been trying to add a listener on itemtap event on an extended class.
    when I set the listeners config on the config object it does not affect,
    only when I attach the handler using...
  23. Hello

    When extending a class, when should one set a config object, when should that config object be set in the constructor (first arg being that config), and when not to use it (i.e. use...
  24. suppose I had a lot of data in my list, and I scrolled to its bottom,
    now list.update(someData) is called where someData has very few items, than I might not see the items in the list as it is...
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    it exists only after rendering

    if (list.rendered) { list.scroller.scrollTo({x:0, y:0});

    working on Secha Touch 1.1.1
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