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  1. Ok. I think I've got it. I've tried some setSize at different places and now I understand what's going on.
    Thanks for your help. Are you paid by Ext?
  2. Ah, cool. That's it.
    But I don't understand why vp.setLayout(new FlowLayout()); doesn't show anything at all.
    The childs have size, so why do you need a FitLayout?
    Is it because the "cle" is...
  3. Hi Sven,
    thanks for your patience. But it doesn't help me.
    I can use RootPanel.get().add(vp) , too.
    But I don't see anything.

    I attach a new image where you can see the divs.
  4. Let's say I've the following in my onModuleLoad():

    Viewport vp = new Viewport();
    CenterLayoutExample cle = new CenterLayoutExample();
  5. Was there a change in default behavior to set auto-width by default and not auto-height any longer?
    I try to set a height now but nevertheless this version breaks compatibility, if the height will...
  6. Do you believe that there is some problem with these two screenshots from firebug? ...
    The problem seems to be the height... with 1.2.1 it is 0 and I see a blank browser window. No surprise with...
  7. Are these examples on your page compiled/using the 1.2.1 version?
    I don't think so.
  8. Hi,
    have you already noticed that there should be introduced a bug with the 1.2.1 version because the CenterLayoutExample on your page won't work anymore?!

    OS: Linux
    Java: Sun 1.6.0_11 32-bit...
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