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  1. Have you guys found the same anywhere? If yes, then can you pls share the links
  2. Can you please share the document that describes as to the patterns and best practices while developing apps using sencha framework
  3. Thanks for the update!!!
  4. Not exactly. I donot have a problem with the kitchen sink example but the broken link is with the sencha-touch-beta-0.94/examples/kitchensink/index_android.html . Please let me know if you need...
  5. Hi,

    I downloaded the new sencha-0.94.beta release and here there were broken links in the kitchen sink demo.

    Can you pls check them in...
  6. Evant : In the list of items how do I move an item to the first in the store?

    Is that I need to create a subarray of the set of items and give that as the new store?

    Ex: Say I have a list of...
  7. Hey thanks milo !!! A brilliant post indeed !!! I have a question

    How do you show the selected item at the top of the list?
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