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  1. Store can contain models with same key?

    I don't want store can contains equal models. But how I can change it?
    I have ADD button which adds to store new row with only one column filled. Grid...
  2. Hi! I have Dialog with several ComboBox elements. Last ComboBox may have different emptyText depending on value of previous ComboBox. When dialog opens ComboBox's emptyText is updated by invocation...
  3. Hi!

    Look at two attachments, please. In left part of each image there is a grid with custom appearance. File firstLoading.jpg shows true colors of grid cell. File secondLoading.jpg shows the same...
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    Thanks! EventBus is really nice solution!
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    Look at Grouping grid. Try to click grouping header row. All row is clickable and each click results in expand/collapse action of corresponding group.
    Instead of this I need 2 buttons in grouping...
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    icfantv, thanks!

    Do you know a way to get access from GridView to grid store?
    I want to remove groupped data from store by clicking my custom button on GroupingView header.
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    I'm trying to create new theme for my custom UI.
    So I need to add two custom (clickable images) buttons to my GroupingView header.
    I created new appearance for GroupingView and added icons...
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    It appears I reveal the root cause of my problems. Instead of using nested Viewport we can use forceLayout() method. Look at my test case. Try to comment forceLayout invokation and see result.
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    Is it possible to use Viewport many times in one application? I use BorderLayout with Center and South areas. Center area's content is dynamically changed by other content during page swithing. This...
  10. This is how really looks example of BorderLayout UiBinder! Any ideas?
  11. Hi!

    I'd like to create new GXT 3 theme. I have several questions:

    Does exist GXT 3 themes on market?
    Which min screen size GXT supports? When painting components in graphical editor which...
  12. Hi!

    How I can force column expanding ? I'd like to see expanded column immediately after rendering.
    Now I use Grid.setAutoExpandColumn, but it works only after I click on the table. Before click...
  13. com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.ContentPanel doesn't have clear method.

    I have a bug in all browsers, production and dev. mode, Windows 7, gxt 2.2.5

    EntryPoint code:

    public void...
  14. Workaround was found:

    If I wrap grid with, the removing works fine!
  15. Hello!

    I have a view (in the mvp4g paradigm) which extends In this view I made initWidget(grid). This view is added to ContentPanel component.
    When I...
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