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  1. Hi,
    I'm using Awesome Uploader on my page and i have one problem. When I'm using drag&drop files are uploading more than one in the same time. Is there any chance to make it one by one?
    I'll be...
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    I have problem with sending request in IE9. I have page with tabs make in extjs3. When i change tab to another i've send request that saves content in current tab. On firefox, safari and chrome...
  3. Hi, thanks a lot for a replay, but problem isin't there. I have this comma in my function. I don't know why it wasn't in code that i paste in my last answer.
  4. My code in callBack looks like this:

    url: target,
    method: 'GET',
    scripts: true,
    callback: function() {
    if (Ext.get('mediaDetailsLinkId') != null)
  5. Hi,
    I have some problems with using callback in IE.
    On my page I'm using callback and updater. When I'm running function in callback by Firefox, Chrome and, safari it works. When i want to run it...
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    I have some problems with my extjs on one page. One of elements in my page on Firefox looks like this:

    But on Internet Explorer it looks...
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    I have problem with my page based on extjs.
    One of my customers has proxy server, and he want to enter my page. The proxy server returns error "Too many connections". This situation take...
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