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  1. Hi All,

    I am trying to intergrate extjs grid components with Oracle/Stellent UCM.

    Oracle UCM sends out JSON data displaying content from the server.

    I am trying to use this JSON result set...
  2. Thanks for the info
  3. i am using oracle with the zend installation which I believe uses the oci connection.
    i have seen lots of examples of using php with mysql to for json data requests but nothing with oracle as the...
  4. This book looks good, I am looking to purchase it, I understand you are covering the lamp stack for your examples, any chance of having a chapter or addendum on how to setup an opal stack to use with...
  5. Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has manage to get json data to and from oracle.
    I've seen posts about using php to access the database, just wondered if anyone has used plsql directly to...
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    very cool, how did you implement the ssh connection?
  7. @Howcr

    Hi There, Can you post how you did your connection to the oracle database?

    Thanks in advance
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    Hey Hendrick, No problem, i'll take your advice, and google the forum. We all have those long days at work!!! Thanks for the plugin. =D>
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    Why are people in these forums so harsh, i'm attempting to learn a new technology and posting for help in a support forum, i'm no javascript expert, my background is in database development. We all...
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    Thanks for the reply,

    Okay I have done as you have suggested. I get the following error
    "evs is not defined
    [Break on this error] ,events:evs"

    from my sampleNodes.js file

    How can I make...
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    Hi Guys,

    I am attempting to base my application using the adiframe as an example. I want to dynamically build the tree in a separate js file that I will generate from my oracle db using plsql. I...
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    This is very cool. I would like to use it with my open source jabber server openfire from on my intranet. Can it be configured to work with any jabber server?
  13. Thanks for the comments, yes I really wanted the picture to show up in the form area, not the grid. I tried to use the Ext.ux.CustomContentField from this user, which does...
  14. Hi All,

    I am building a telephone directory for our internal intranet using a grid with an embed form.
    The data is held on a ldap store, including the user picture. I am attempting to show the...
  15. I am trying to use the feedviewer example on my oracle app server (apache based). It is not configured to use php, and I cannot get the feedviewer example to work because i think it uses a...
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    I've been searching for examples where i can link a row in a grid to a panel showing detailed information. Has anyone done this or know where there are some examples.
  17. I have been playing with the complex layout example. I have almost finished my design of my layout, the last bit i am struggling with is to display a tree and a grid within the center panel.

    in my...
  18. same here
  19. How do you wrap the contents of a column in a grid. In the examples it truncates the data to the size of the column, is it possible to select a column to wrap the text instead.
  20. ok i have put my example up on a webpage

    this is the link

    this is the javascript
  21. I am setting the content type to xml and it does not work.
    I have also tried using the json data type as in the paging example. Same issue, works from the file server, but not from the webserver...
  22. Thanks for the feeback!!

    I did some more testing, if i save my generated xml file to the filesystem on the server, the grid works fine. But if i use my xml feed from my oracle database it does not...
  23. Hi all, I am new to this ext library, just started this week. I am having problems creating a grid from an xml source. The table columns appear but no data.

    I set up my html pages as follows...
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