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    IE 8 looks funny

    Hi Stefan,

    Many thanks for this work.
    I saw that the column with icons (collapsible), appears funny in IE 8. (the column entry is separated into 2 lines, one line for icon and the other for the...
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    Hi Overnoise and others waiting for upgrade of the UploadDialog, may be if you all make a donation to MaximGB, we can all give him a stronger motivation to help us with the upgrade.
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    Plan to upgrade to Ext 3.0.0

    Hi Maxim GB

    Thanks so much for the extension.

    I wonder if there is any plan to upgrade it to be compatible with Extjs 3.0.0.

    My donation reference is 13017068
  4. This is a very useful extension - Is upgraded for Extjs 3.0. coming

    Hi Thanks for the extension.

    I wonder if there is any plan to upgrade it to be compatible with Extjs 3.0.0
  5. Thread: Training

    by buenavida

    Super Drome and others who need training

    Hi Super Drome,

    I am also looking at attending any training organized by Extjs at their location.

    Unfortunately the date Nov 4th 2008, suggested by Extjs was did not leave enough time for me...
  6. Thanks Danfra

    Hi guys,

    I got the quick and dirty version to work for my application.

    I am new to this style of development. So, i need the time to read your code and implement based on Danfra's pointers/...
  7. SortModel in addition to FilterModel

    Hi Danfra and Atilio,

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I am imagining that the sort order which will make up the ORDER BY part of the SQL, can be driven using something you guys have written.

  8. Any plan to add dynamic sort

    Hi Guys,

    As I said, this ux is really great.

    Any plan to extend the functionality so that a sortModel object can be supported also, something that sends to server a JSON like below:

  9. RemoteStore available Values

    Hi Danfra,

    Thanks for the advice. I got it to work.

    Best Regards
  10. parent.frames["frameName"]

    Hi Hendrick,

    The reason why I persisted on parent.frames["some_known_frame_name"], is because I am trying to do data exchange with sites of different domain. I wish live could be simpler,...
  11. frames["frameId"] in IE6 when using MIF

    Hi Hendrik,

    My situation is that I need to use notation parent.frames["frameId"] after having the frames created by ManagedIFramePanel.

    I have modified slightly your miframe.js locally for my...
  12. Example for available values using remote Store

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for this excellent work. I am integrating your work on my project.

    However, I am having a minor problem when trying to use availableValues from a remote Store.

    My Store,...
  13. frame.dom

    Thank you Hendric, What a speedy reply.

    Thanks for your correction on my code, I stripped down some irrelevant parts, so It might look odd to you. Plus I am a newbie.

    Another question, if I...
  14. How to find out the id of the frame using notation frame["_theIdOfMyFrame"]

    Thanks for your ManagedIFrame, it is great and I am building something using it.

    If I may ask you a question about the id of the iframepanel added.

    I need to access the id of the frame so I can...
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    Thanks MaximGB

    Thanks MaximGB,

    I have succcessfully integrated your fileUpload dialog.

    Initially I tried to integrated it with Struts2, Sitemesh in a J2EE environment, due to unresolved hurdle at the...
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    UploadDialog and Struts2

    First of all Moshan480, thanks for taking the time to share your experience.
    I have always had commons-fileupload-1.2.jar in my WEB-INF/lib.

    I found out that the fileUploadInterceptor appers to...
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    Ext.ux.UploadDialog and Struts2


    I have seen a user called Thameem has successfully implemented UploadDialog with Struts2.

    I am trying to get the same to work in my implementation.

    Can someone share what needs to...
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