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  1. I have no event code for the beforeLoad on this...

    I have no event code for the beforeLoad on this datastore, there are no conditions under which I block the load from occurring (in other words I never need to return false to stop the load so I have...
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    Adding find capability to code editing

    Are there plans to add the ability to do a text search/replace and undo/redo to the code editor in designer at some point? Small features, but I find myself copying code to notepad to edit almost...
  3. [CLOSED] ETA on next build?

    Is there an ETA for the next 2.0 build yet?
  4. [FIXED] GridDragDropPlugin will not allow beforedrop or drop events to be added

    After adding a DragDropPlugin to my GridView, designer isn't let me go to the events tab and click the plus to add either the beforedrop or drop event write the appropriate handler code.
  5. 1.2 vs. 2.0 designer project portability between machines


    I'm noticing that with Ext Designer 1.2 project portability from one machine to another was simply a matter of copying the *.xds file from the one machine to another and when opened on the...
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