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    Personally I find the whole license/support model a little confusing - most other libraries I've used considered bug fixes as part of the "license" not the "support" part of the equation. Even if...
  2. I'm with Evant, why make a breaking change just because it's technically more in line with a form HTML tag, which is not the only way URL encoding is used?
  3. I see why when looking at it from the point of view of a posting form it would make sense not to include empty arrays, but what about web services?

    I'm using Ext.Ajax.request to hit an ASMX web...
  4. Browser: Tested in FireFox 3.5, IE 7
    OS: Windows XP

    From what I can tell the following code doesn't seem to display properly:

    <link rel="stylesheet"...
  5. I could use that method and do away with MS AJAX, but I believe I would lose the ability to call page methods (i haven't seen any way to call them from Ext, at least). It's a restriction I'd...
  6. I use it to easily call ASP.NET web services from client code
  7. Thank you both for the ideas - I've tried both to no success.

    It can indeed be replicated by Ext.ToolTip when it's target is set to the document, so that's where I'm focusing. onDestroy is not...
  8. I may have found a lead:

    First of all, the problem seems to be related to Ext.QuickTip, not any of it's parent classes, for example replacing the Ext QuickTips code shown above with:

    var tip...
  9. I used the patched .js files referenced and it has no effect. I had high hopes but after reading the thread more carefully their problem seems different - their memory usage climbs while using...
  10. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have any effect. Thanks for the reply, though - I'll keep plugging away at it to see if it's just missing something simple.
  11. any news on this? I'll keep looking at things on my end but I'll be honest I'm kind of fumbling around in the dark here.
  12. First posted in discussion forum, though I was directed to post the issue here (if it's not a real issue feel free to remove):

    Not sure if this is a bug or not - might just be more of a...
  13. Not sure if this is a bug or not - might just be more of a compatibility issue: Use of ASP.NET AJAX and ExtJS's quick tips together seems to cause large memory problems in IE 7. A simple .aspx page...
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