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  1. Hi all!

    It seems that there was the same issue in jQuery and it's been patched as you can see here.

    I am facing this issue in one of my projects and I cannot use hendricd's solution (althought...
  2. Hello,

    activeOnTop config option is still ignored in Ext 4.1.1-rc1 :'(

    Any status updates on this bug?

    Thanks !
  3. Hello !

    Ext.form.field.File button text french translation is missing. Here it is :

    Ext.define("", {
    override: "Ext.form.field.File",
  4. Hello !

    Ext.grid.RowEditor translations are missing. Here comes the french ones :

    Ext.define("", {
    override: "Ext.grid.RowEditor",
    saveBtnText :...
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    Hello !

    I did not find any config option to add some tooltips over the TriggerField's triggers :(

    So I had to override the getTriggerMarkup function as follows :

  6. Hi all,

    There is another problem with url vtype.

    The url
    http://localhost/ is not valid !
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    Well, I've just tested my application without any MIF, and rendering still takes so much time... as you said the problem must come from Ext 3.0.0 version :( and I don't have access to the SVN...
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    Hi hendricd,

    Since I updated Ext 3.0 and Ext.ux.ManagedIfame 2.0 RC3 (R53), I noticed a performance problem in one of my applications.

    I launched the Firebug profiler and it seems that GS...
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    I confirm that it does not work in IE, because of the button inside the anchor :(
  10. Hello Brian,

    I'd like to know if adding RTL support into Ext core is planned. Maybe in Ext 3.0 release ?

  11. Hi,

    I'm experimenting the same issue since I updated to 2.2.1 release.
    The anchor element which is created when a cell is being edited has its left css property set to a random value, depending...
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    Hi MaximGB !

    I have a problem with your great Upload Dialog when I try to upload a file bigger than the server size limit that appears in Firefox only :(

    It seems that the hidden iframe load...
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    Hi all,

    I've just updated the french translation with Ext 2.2 changes ;)

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    Hi fellas!

    I would like to make a custom radio button with the following autoCreate config :

    tag: 'table',
    cellspacing: 5,
    children: [{
    tag: 'tr',
  15. Done :)
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    I've found a bug when using the ext-lang-fr and the 'F' date format.

    Actually the problem comes from the locale file and the getMonthNumber function.

    Here's the code I've used to fix it :
  17. Thanks for your help mystix ;)

    Actually the problem comes from the locale file and the getMonthNumber function.

    Here's the code I've used to solve the problem :

    [CODE]Date.monthNumbers = {
  18. i've already included this fix, and yes i'm using the french locale file.

    when i don't use it, it works great. i've tried to add the 'l d F Y' format to the DateField altFormats property in the...
  19. Hi all,

    I'm trying to use a form DateField with the 'l d F Y' format (french format).

    When I select the date in the calendar, the field value is correctly set, but when the field loose the...
  20. Hi all!

    I'm working with the Ext 2.1 release and I would like to try Yariv' rtl patch.

    I've downloaded the file but I don't know what to do with the diff file :s

    How can I...
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    Oh thanks i wasn't aware of that :-?
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    Hi hendricd!

    My pages require validation with the XHTML 1.0 Strict doctype and I'd like to use your great extension. In its description, you said :

    I don't understand what you mean (my...
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    Hi all!

    I think I've found a solution. As vlados said, the inner html of the div.x-tab is not added to the body of the tab...

    First, you have to override the readTabs function of the TabPanel...
  24. Hi all!

    I've a problem with my combobox which is initialized with local data with the following code :

    var resources = [['1', 'resource1'],['2','resource2']];
    var resourceRecord =...
  25. Hi all!

    I'd like to know if there's any way to change the minValue, maxValue and increment config options of a TimeField once it's created ?

    For example, here's my TimeField :

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