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  1. Hi.

    I curruently have a combobox that get data from jsontring which data consists of two different fields; valueField and displayfield.

    Now I want to use a textfield instead, while showing the...
  2. I am working inside a function in a listener inside a store, but can't really figure out how to navigate outside that scope. OwnerCt is not working, so is there anyway I can acces a component or a...
  3. Yes, that is what I am attempting. Where can I save the data then, if it's not in a Store? Is it possible to just save the data to a plain object, doing your way?

    I can see that it is done your...
  4. Is it possible to retrieve data from a jsonstring that comes from a URL? I just want to use it to compare one datafield from the jsonstring.

    I know it's possible to use a grid with a jsonstore to...
  5. This is a simplified description of the issue I have. I have a GridPanel and a FormPanel that are connected to each other. Data of the selected row in the grid are displayed in the form. When you...
  6. Yeah, I eventually figured it out. Thanks anyway, valititi :)

    For the records, it is also possible to override the emptyClass config in the comboBox class with a different entry in the css file.
  7. Is it possible to change the font color of emptyText? Anyway, I found emptyClass, so it should be tweakable there.
  8. Thanks for your reply, mschwartz. In which code block should return false be placed?

    I tried both in listeners and fireKey, but didn't work.

    Also, in the fireKey event, what I get is:...
  9. I just edited my last post to make it more understandable. Any possible tips of why I can't override the line break behavior? Any reply is much appreciated!
  10. I have also tried the following in a class that extends TextArea:

    fireKey : function(e){
    if(e.isSpecialKey() && (this.enterIsSpecial || (e.getKey() != e.ENTER || e.hasModifier()))){
  11. Maybe I was too quick, it doesn't work now...
  12. I tried:

    enterIsSpecial : true
    }); but that doesn't work, thanks for your reply anyway, Foster.
  13. How do I override the ENTER event of a TextArea such that pressing ENTER wouldn't do a line break in the text area? Instead it could do the line break only when you press shift+enter.
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    I can't see any keyboard events on AsyncTreeNode. Is there any work around for this? I would like to be able to click on a node then remove it from a tree by enter the delete button on the keyboard.
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    Great, that worked, mankz! Thank you!
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    I tried that, but still, only the underline has the blue color, not the text.

    It worked on ListView, how come it doesn't work with GridPanel?
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    I would like to change the text color in a selected row in a grid, but it doesn't seem to work. Only the underline color is changed with the following code:

    .x-grid3-row-over {
    background :...
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    Thanks for your reply. However, I found something called ListView. It is quite similar to a grid but without the borders!
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    Is it possible to remove the borders around each cell in a grid?
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    How do you make qtip for labels in a compositefield, is this possible?

    For a regular texfield, it would have been something like this:

    xtype : 'textfield',
    fieldLabel: '<span...
  21. Anything new on this issue?

    I have a FormPanel that is configured like this:

    id: 'formpanelMappe',
    defaults: {
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    When i submit a form i use form.getFieldValues()).

    This is usually good, but it won't get the format of the date that i would like. The format i would like to get is when invoking getRawValue()...
  23. Yes, I found out the reason. I remembered to define the valueField and displayField on, but forgot to define the fields on the combobox. My bad. However, shouldn't the store be loaded anyway, since...
  24. Hi Condor, I tried

    and it does change the url, but the store doesn't load the data. Why is that?
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    According to the API documentation, DisplayField is a How come when I have xtype: 'displayfield' and use form.submit(form.getFieldValues())), all the displayfield values are returned too?
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