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  1. Are you working on this?
  2. Sencha 2.3.0, GWT 2.5.1, Windows 7, IE10

    I have a toolbar with large icon buttons that are displayed incorrectly in IE10. It works in all other browsers (also other versions of IE). See attached...
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    I lost patience with the Sencha team on this issue, so now I'm using m-gwt for the mobile version of our application. I can highly recommend m-gwt (
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    Could you please give us some information on if you intend to develop a mobile version of GXT. I learned on a SenchaCon video that you would focus on mobile after GXT 3, but we haven't heard...
  5. Could you please give us some indication on when to expect a mobile version of GXT? We have a large implementation based on GXT, and are looking at a mobile library. Should we wait for GXT Mobile or...
  6. Hidden buttons are displayed in the overflow menubar, even though these buttons are not displayed in the toolbar when they fit.
  7. There is a layout bug with overflow toolbar when I'm using large buttons with large icons (32x32). The overflow menubar displays these icons, even though they don't fit. See attached image.

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    Ok I see now that you have a company that delivers and supports GWT4Touch. But I'm still concerned about licensing when developing a closed source application.
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    I'm not questioning the quality of your work; not at all. I think what you are doing is great. I just don't want to end in a situation like GWT-Ext vs. MyGWT some years ago.

    I would like to know...
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    Thank you for pointing that out. But I would still like to know, what the GXT team is planning. I think it is great work you are doing with the Touch wrapper, but I would prefer an official version....
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    Any thoughts on this from the GXT team? I would love to see such integration or a GXTouch library built from the ground up. It would be cool to reuse lots of code from the desktop client to implement...
  12. When will GXT 2.2.5 be released? I really need this release, since LiveGrid is useless for production in 2.2.4, because of this and the empty loop bug.
  13. I'm using OS X, Firefox 5.0.1, Safari 5.0.5


    When opening the example in Firefox, the scrollbar doesn't work. See attachment. I...
  14. Strict mode works :) and thanks for the hint on FormData("-19"). I have been using padding or margins to handle scrollbars, but "-19" is easier.
  15. Hi

    Environment: GXT 2.2.1, GWT 2.1, Internet Explorer 8

    I have a FormPanel that uses Scroll.AUTOY. It used to work fine, but now I'm having issues with IE layout. I don't remember in which...
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    Environment: OS X, GWT 2.0, GXT 2.2.

    I have an application with many tabs and grids in these tabs. The grids use auto expand column, and in some cases (not always) when I switch between tabs, the...
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    You have selected the wrong messages for some of the tooltips in HtmlEditor:

    ​Bold - Title is wrong.

    Bullet list and Numbered List needs to be switched.

  18. Ok now I know what you mean. This is some sort of ARIA/Section 508 accessibility improvement.

    But can't you use a different stylesheet to indicate that a button has focus instead of using the...
  19. I'm glad too see you back again Sven :)

    No this is a bug, because we have a different behavior in WebKit browsers than all other browsers. The button should not be graphically highlighted after a...
  20. I can add that this wasn't a problem prior to version 2.1.1,
  21. Sorry. My bad. It does work in Firefox. I have changed the text in the original post.
  22. Hi

    Tested on Mac with Safari 4 and Chrome 4.


    Do the following:
    - Click on "Button w/Menu"
    - Select "I like dogs"
  23. This is exactly the same issue that I mentioned. The problem is that LiveGridView uses two ListStores: One display ListStore that contains only the displayed models, and one cache ListStore that...
  24. I have created my own LiveGridSelectionModel that supports what I want. If anyone is interested, I posted how I did it on this thread
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    I managed to get LiveGridView working with RcpProxy. I don't use BeanModelReader but my own subtype of ModelData. I didn't do anything special to get it working.

    But I had a problem using the...
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