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  1. I'm testing TouchStyle on both iPhone safari and Android Browers but the result is... very poor in GalaxyS2. No sliding effect at all. It also happens to my ST2 app build as native for Android.
  2. I'm wondering if I can do a slider like this with ST2 >> screenshot
    After each date is selected at the center, another panel with specific data will be display under it.
    If doable, pls advice me...
  3. Hi thanks for your reply. I've tried this. Another titlebar is added to the top but the titlebar of the list doesn't disappear. I want both titlebar and "back btn" of list to the very top.
  4. Thanks for your time and care :) I found the solution by using the same answer u gave at this post!
  5. Hi!
    According to that screenshot, I would like to move the titlebar of list view to the top of the page over other elements. Is that possible? Thanks!
  6. What I found out is new "Back" button is pushed to the navigationbar whenever the view with "Carousel" is pushed to the navigation view. How can I get control of it?
  7. I'm using the navigation view to display page1 first then clicking on a button on the page, page2 will be push to the view but the problem is after page2 is rendered containing "Carousel", back...
  8. Normally, it's great to have such 'back' button with a tip pointing to the left. However, I just want to use my custom background to that back button and the result is quite funny. How can get rip of...
  9. Hi, I'm using navigationView so "back" btn is appeared at the titlebar. What I want to do is displaying custom background to that highlighted "titlebar" and "back button". Much appreciate your helps...
  10. Thank you so much. That's all I need :)
  11. What should I replace "this" with? Thanks!

    Ext.define("demo.view.Blog", {
    extend: 'Ext.navigation.View',
    requires: ['Ext.TitleBar','Ext.navigation.View'],
    xtype: 'blog',
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    Hmm.. I get your idea. Could you help me writing the code to that specific part? I'm stuck here for 2 days already :(
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    Thanks man! Link is updated. Waiting for a hero to save me :)
  14. It's all because of viewport. I force it to display native dpi and now I can use full size images.

    <meta name="viewport" content="target-densitydpi=device-dpi, initial-scale=1" />
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    I would like to do the layout as this sketch.
    Following is my simplified layout and I'm wondering how can I modify to achieve "only the menu switch".
    Please do suggest me if you found out any...
  16. Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm away from the code for now but I think I tried with background-image-size already and if I manually resize to 320px (originally 480px), it fits perfectly. However, the...
  17. I'm developing a Android App with SenchaTouch2. I used a 480px wide png file as background image to fit in GalaxySII which has 480px width. It's perfectly fine in browser but after I exported as...
  18. Thanks!:) chmod does work :)
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