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  1. Hi,buddies
    I met strange problem when I extend an editorgrid , and I registered it for a xtype , but when I use this xtype somewhere,everything works well but a little bit problem ,which is if I...
  2. slemmon ,Thanks again,In fact,I did as you said before I post this question,I will try again :)
  3. Thank you for your reply!
    Yes,you are almost right,but I want to highlight the last modified row,not all of them , for instance I have a grid with 100 rows ,if I edit the first row named...
  4. saveText: '保存',
    var s...
  5. Hi,all
    I used a plugin named RowEditor In a gird ,I met a strange problem ,When I only edit one row ,it works well,but If I go on to edit another rows after submit, all of the rows that had...
  6. I searched some demo of Ext.ux.Highchart on google for a long time ,none of them could work correctly,the highcharts.js show an error message "TypeError: Ua is not a function" ,and my Extjs version...
  7. I think you need a render function in your column definition

    dataIndex:'',//according to your json field
  8. Replies
    thanks, I solved this problem!:))
  9. Replies
    thanks very much ,I followed your post,and I solved this problem :D:)
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