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    Thanks Saki - that helps. I think I am complicating the matter.....I need to think JSON
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    I am using your extension to load files from disk - I have figured how to do this. We have your php backend which helped alot.

    Now......I have another section of the app that needs the...
  3. I am just trying to speculate here......since you have narrowed down the problem to the xtype , have you included the xcheckbox plugin in your html file? You probably have but doesn't hurt to double...
  4. You should be able to add items in a preconfigured class.
    Did you maybe forget to do;
    in the initComponent function?
  5. I think using monitorValid: true config param does what you want and include allowBlank: false for each element that needs to be validated.

    You might need to write more client-side code if you...
  6. I did not find documentation for it but I found this link that gave me the source for it.

    If you find more info...please post it here
  7. Cindiv30,

    Did you add the triggerfield as an item on the form? If so did you do it.
    This is how I am doing mine but it is just putting the textbox without the icon to click on the right....
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    I am looking to add some custom menu (e.g "zip" , "unzip" ) to the context menu of the FileTreeMenu like mentioned in post#296 on this forum. I saw your response in post #297 on extending...
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    Great job.

    Are you still accepting requests for an invitation for the demo.
    If so.....could you please add me. My email is mgitiha[@]

  10. Thanks. That solved it.
  11. Hi,

    I started hooking the Ext.ui.FileTreePanel and I am getting the hang of it. I can load my terr , add new folders , delete and upload files.

    In am having a wierd behavior , on creating a...
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