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  1. Colin,

    I had already switched to our BigDecimalPropertyEditor, thanks. Once I realized that was the issue, I reverted back to the our version that we used prior to GXT having one (I believe...
  2. Weird.

    I just click on the field in order to enter text. To loose focus I have clicked/tabbed away from it.

    I will try to come up with more data on this one

    Windows 7, 64 bit
  3. Isn't the point of Java's BigDecimal is to avoid ieee754 uglyness? So, it would be my preference that if BigDecimal is being used, then ieee754 uglyness shouldn't be something the developer has to...
  4. GXT 3.0.4 / .5 / .6
    GWT 2.4
    Browser: IE 8 [ Dev Mode ] & IE 8 [ Production Mode]

    I cannot reproduce this issue in Chrome [ Production Mode].

    I have attached screenshot (showing disabled...
  5. GXT 3.0.5/3.0.6
    GWT 2.4
    Browser: IE8 [ dev mode ] and Chrome (latest) [ production mode ]

    This issue did NOT happen in GXT 3.0.4, but happens in GXT 3.0.5

    Enter a value in the BigDecimal...
  6. If a ComboBox is wrapped by the HTML paragraph element "<P>" calling setValue will result in a javascript error. If the paragraph element is removed, setValue works just fine.

    Test case provided....
  7. Colin,

    Thanks for the feedback and the other forum topics on this.

    It shouldn't surprise me it is an IE issue. I guess when it didn't work for Chrome, I didn't conclude that it still could be...
  8. GXT 3.0.4
    IE8 (non carat mode F7), Chrome (latest)
    Windows 7 64bit

    Issue can be reproduced from your own demo pages:

  9. Changing this, since I really worded this poorly the first time.

    Is there any way I can add a split (w/out adding collapsible) to get a split icon to render like the GWT split planel (an icon of...
  10. I have a BorderLayoutContainer with a north child that is a FieldSet and a center child that is also a FieldSet. I have enabled the collapse ability on the north widget, as shown:

  11. GXT 3.0.4
    GWT 2.4
    Interernet Explorer 8 (development mode), Chrome 28 (production mode)
    Windows 7, 64 bit

    If a field with an error is resized (in this case by resizing a dialog) the error icon...
  12. Colin,

    As always, thanks for your informative/detail response.

    I am taking your approach and doing the following:

    button.addDomHandler(new MouseDownHandler() {
  13. I have a scenario where the button's position is moved based on the event of another widget. In this case, the onSelect event of the button doesn't fire. Test case provided.

    In the test case, I...
  14. GXT 3.0.4
    GWT 2.4
    Internet Explorer 8 developer and production mode
    Chrome (latest) production mode
    Windows 7, 64bit

    I have a dialog with a child VerticalLayoutContainer.

    When the dialog is...
  15. Colin,

    As always, thanks for the quick response and feedback.

    Now, we had users first notice slowness with IE8/XP and I was surprised as you that XP would behave differently than Windows 7 (all...
  16. Windows XP
    Internet Explorer 8 (8.0.6001.18702)
    Test Code :

    If you bring up your test for the inline editable grid on...
  17. so the doStartEditing() does get called for the new cell before the doCompleteEditing() gets called on the current cell, if you click on a different cell in the SAME row.

    if I click on a cell in a...
  18. It seems that the GridInlineEditor.doStartEditing() gets called for the clicked on cell, prior to the other one completing. This is causing the removeHandler() being called BEFORE it can be called...
  19. I switched out my BigDecimal/NumberField with String/TextField and same outcome.

    In using debugger, the complete editing code is not being called, not sure why that is the case so far. Still...
  20. GXT 3.0.3
    GWT 2.4
    Internet Explorer 8
    Dev Mode and Production Mode
    Windows 7, 64 bit

    Issues also verified with Chrome 25
    Firefix 17.0.1 does not have the issue

    I have a grid with inline...
  21. Another scenario.

    Problem occurs in IE8 both dev and production.

    This scenario has NO use of addDomHandler().

    Select a value from the drop-down.
    The combo/checkbox will disappear and a new...
  22. My application now behaves better with the Scheduled deferred around the addDom's contents.

    However, we do async calls between some combo boxes and I'm still getting the "double click" issue, but...
  23. One other thing, I can still get issues in my application, if I set focus as follows:


    However, if I set focus this way:

  24. Thanks again, and that is good information to know.

    That being said, we didn't have this issue in 3.0.2, it started in 3.0.3. Doesn't mean my code was right, but I guess I didn't feel like I was...
  25. So should this deferred be done for click events we have also being handled this way?

    I have no problem with always having to do the "work around", just want to understand it so we can make sure I...
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