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  1. I'm in Boca Raton, FL, interested, let me know
  2. Condor -
    thank you for this, was getting the this.mainBody is undefined error on a grid with grouping view, popped in the deferRowRender false and cleared it up.
    Many thanks..
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    I'm getting a syntax error returned from eval(body) in compileTpl function when I try formatting 2 fields in combo tpl with usmoney.
    Works if I only format one of the fields.
    Ideas, another...
  4. Well, it turns out that it was the stylesheet - nothing to do with viewport at all (I wasn't using the silvercherry stylesheet outside of viewport). amazing what lightbulbs go off at 4 in the...
  5. When grid in viewport, the column header menu for sorting misaligns - text underneath icons - picture attached. When grid standalone, it's perfectly fine.
    Have put in viewport, panel and...
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    I don't use php, but try adding to your combo -
    valueField: 'brand_name'
    typeAhead: true

    you've only got displayField specified

    remoteSort: true in your store wouldn't be a bad idea either
  7. Thanks for your post jergarmar.
    Have had a delightful time myself with the application.cfc issue, as well as playing with a variety of ux's for json and the fun of never knowing the order of...
  8. Thanks so much for this. I was getting the NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER error as well.
    When I commented out header: false, worked perfectly. Thanks again!
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