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  1. Yes, the exclude parameter, as mentioned in the forum post from your previous reply, does solve this issue for me. Thank you.

  2. Any traction on this?
  3. This seems to be working in 2.3.1a with one caveat, excluding ios, ios-classic, *and* safari within the app.config seems to break the exclusion and inclusion of styles altogether in chrome. Even...
  4. Thank your for responding with this information. I will test the new configuration option and let you know what I find. At first glance, it seems promising because, if I understand it correctly, it...
  5. Also, I could post the entire app project to GitHub if it helps you isolate and resolve this issue. Please advise.
  6. Here is the app.json file in its entirety:

    * The application's namespace, used by Sencha Command to generate classes
    "name": "adaptiveBugRepro",
  7. Version:
    ST Version 2.3.1-commercial

    HTC One, Kindle Fire

    Adaptive rendering is broken.
  8. Version:
    ST Version 2.3.0-commercial

    Chrome Version 30.0.1599.69 m, HTC Inspire, and Kindle Fire Browsers

    Styles for both safari/ios and chrome/android are being...
  9. All that stuff is already being done in app.js:

    'Ext': '../../src',
    '': 'lib/KivaProxy.js'
  10. I migrated the kiva example over to ST 2.2 b1. Everything works fine, but for ST 2.2 b1, where do I put the kiva proxy so as to not break the build? I had to put the lib folder in both the app...
  11. Sorry for this unnecessary post. I forgot to add MIME type application/x-json.


  12. Just asking the question because, via the console in chrome, I get a 404 on examples/examples.json when I navigate to the examples folder.

  13. Sencha Team,

    1. Your public download link is pointing to a beta3 version of what should be 2.0.1.
    2. This error is clearly a bug: Look at the path from which the command was launched.
  14. Where is my test panel? This example demonstrates the user is left with a blank page after removeAll(true, true); is executed. Apparently there is another bug that requires me to set _activeItem to...
  15. Why doesn't the framework allow for this? All I see is a white page after removeAt method is called. the add method has no effect.

    if (Ext.Viewport.isReady)...
  16. Code for reference:

    requires: [
  17. The code behind the buttons on the ActionSheet is smart enough to know not to display an item if it is already in the viewport. Please try random selections.

    Also, I noticed that on back...
  18. I just put the repro in the examples folder in a folder named 'preview'. Here's a link:

    Directions to reproduce:

  19. Version: sencha-touch-2-b3

    Pushing too many items of same title into an Ext.navigation.View breaks backward navigation with the back button in Ext.navigation.Bar.

  20. No, I wasn't originally but now I am. Works great now, thanks!

  21. Working example here, just press the info button:
  22. push and pop are there. Look at src/navigation/View.js and compare it to what I have originally posted and you will see the changes.

  23. No, that by itself wouldn't accomplish much. Since the stack management is ultimately handled by doSetActiveItem called from both push and pop, there is a line in there that sets a new property...
  24. Hi,

    Don't know what's up with NavigationBar in 2-b2, but I've added getter and setter functions in NavigationView within sencha-touch-all-debug.js in 2.0.0-pr4 that work for me. Here's the new...
  25. Hi,

    Wondering if Navigationbar is off-limits? I noticed it is a private member of Navigationview and the link posted above is dead.

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