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  1. EXT 4.0.7 and Chrome 16.0.912.77

    It depends what you type to get the grow to not work. If you have a bunch of text within a <> then it will not grow appropriately. My example might have been...
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    I am also interested in this. I have a grid that groups records by a threadID field, but I want to sort the grid by date or topic or some other column in the grid.
  3. is looking for an experienced EXT-JS / Sencha Touch developer to work on our early stage product. While we prefer candidates that are in Tampa Fl, we would consider telecommuting for an...
  4. I can't yet vouch for the quality of this fix, I am still a bit new to Ext-JS.

    If the code below is an appropriate fix, then generally speaking, I believe it would be better for anyone who is...
  5. Can you tell me if this issue is planned for a specific release yet.

    Sorry if that information is already available at some other location or system.

  6. thanks, I see that thread seems to end with someone asking if there are any work arounds on Aug 15th, I didn't see any responses.

    Can you tell me if this issue is planned for a specific release...
  7. Was this issue resolved in one of the 4.0.x updates?

  8. I have a View extension where I am using Drag and Drop following the basic examples for creating a DragZone and DropZone. I have a specific requirement for the Drag Ghost to start directly over the...
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