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  1. Ext is a unique sample because most JavaScript libraries tend to use the default functions of the HTML tables for their custom data grids, while Ext is one of the few that try to do the job of laying...
  2. Hopefully it is! Thanks.
  3. I have a customized way of creating a dialog based on BasicDialog, and when I call "destroy()"
    on it, it causes an exception. I found what I need in "Ext.extend(Ext.Resizable..." destroy's method:
  4. Don't you think so?

    Firefox 3 will be released in the soon future, and the Ext's Grid, by calculating the columns automatically rather than using HTML Tables, is a very expensive and unoptimized...
  5. Congratulations Daddy! :-)

    What a happy day!
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    Never mind! I get it now. The "events" Hash should be declared inside of the constructor of the function, because there it will be instantiated for each object. As it is now, it will be instantiated...
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    Oops... Sorry about that. :-)

    Here's a screenshot of my first prototype using Ext.

    It's a small screen, but fully interactive...
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    To me, Ext provides these advantages over YUI:

    Ext has everything packaged in one file.

    Much of the usefulness derives from this one feature. For example:

    Easy dependence management...
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    I think the update manager is responsible for the triggering events, for showing and hiding
    the message. The update manager maybe lends these events to its parent/owner.

    The other requirement is...
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    I am creating my own wrapper for Ext programming, and to solve this issue I am going to re-check the session_id by capturing the session_id in the cookie and sending it in the JSON request, but I am...
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    I think many frameworks would like to include Ext support if it were available licence-wise. The harder you make it for frameworks to reuse Ext, the fewer users Ext will have.

    Imagine frameworks...
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    I don't think the LGPL or other open source licenses are going to work for you, because at a minimum they allow for fair use, and at a maximum, they even allow for forking of the project.

  13. I am cool with that. :-)

    I know the calculations can get in the way.

    An idea would be to map the Page Down and Page Up keys to the arrows, so the user can use what he might be used to, without...
  14. The grid feels so great that I always try to use "Page Down and Page Up" to navigate the rows faster.

    Is it possible to support those keys?
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    Thanks Jack!

    I promise that if YUI-ext proves to be useful to me, I will share the success and money with you. :-)
  16. I think that's an important difference between a client side technology and a server side one. YUI-ext, while being client side, can work with any server side technology, but only a little percentage...
  17. I am in the same boat. I wish all the best to YUI-ext and Jack!

    For now, I am going to keep YUI and jQuery as the building tools for me. Eventually I might need YUI-ext as well.

    The main...
  18. Seems good to me. Maybe you could start with 1-2 developers for the first fee, which is closer to what small shops might need. :-) The values sound good, even though a mercenary could try to get more...
  19. Hey, I'm anxiously awaiting the introduction of the new Grid as well. So far, I've used the CSS features of YUI only. :-)
  20. I love code manageability features! :-)
  21. Hi,

    I am not sure IFrames are generally useful for Web Apps, because they might cause some division of the page which might not be that useful, except for documentation-like sites.

    Even if...
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    Hi all,

    I've been trying to decide on a good Web library to use, and YUI with YUI-ext seems like a very good choice.

    I just wonder about the long term health of YUI-ext, because when we like...
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