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  1. I've done a few tests with Ext and PyQT (Python bindings to QT) and can confirm that Ext works fine. Just make sure you use a recent version of QT, older ones have a WebKit version that cant handle...
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    Nice, just what I need

    When you select multiple items and hit Edit, the window isnt big enough and scrollbars are showing for each field.

    A few suggestions:

    I really like the ability to to...
  3. Found a bug: When the editor is a datefield and you select a date in the calendar widget, the panel closes because, again, the target is outside the panel's boundary.

    Adding this to the...
  4. Sorry about the late reply. Just wanted to say thanks.
  5. huh? I just tried and it didnt ask me. On the other hand, I *was* asked for username/password when i just entered the forum page, and then got a server error. Someone probably pulled the wrong cord...
  6. Thank you so much. Ive been wishing for this feature in Ext for a long time.

    One problem though. If you have a combo that extends below the editor area and select one of the items outside that...
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    Yeah, well...
    Thats always a great start.

    404 Not found

    Maybe if you updated the downloadable build (like revision 226, the one that works with ext31) more people would try this out
  8. More users using your component
    More bugs detected
    More activity on forums, tutorials written, different implementations, user contributions and suggestions
    Less chance that someone else...
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    This extension is probably what you need

    Just set the header field to empty in the column config. The header text will have to be generated server...
  10. Ive been trying to get Ext pages to load in pyQT's implementation of WebKit (QT is an interface building framework used, among other things, in KDE; pyQT is the Python version).

    However, Ext...
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    The docs are good but code snipppets would make them a lot better. Navigation could also be made a lot better. The thing I find most annoying is having to scroll for miles or use the browsers search...
  12. I just did my own solution for this but cant post any code right now.

    I mae a combobox that takes a global array for its items. When the user types something new into the combo, I add that to the...
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    Another alternative may be the ability to rate and tag threads. Anyone could add tags like grid, dataStore, treePanel to threads, and rate threads so the most useful threads about grids, for example,...
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    Use FireBug religiously

    For example, when making a grid, do a console.dir on it and explore the structure of the grid, its colModel, store etc.
  15. Yes. It is only after render that MWTObject is empty, as this example shows

    MWT_Embed('MCP','commandportDefault');'1: before...
  16. Okay, sorry about the lack of information in the previous post.
    This is with Ext 2.1, tested mainly on FF but doesnt seem to work with IE or Safari either (probably a different issue with IE...
  17. I'm using an AutoDesk Maya browser plugin that makes it possible to send commands from the browser to Maya. This works through an embedded application object, or whatever it's called, that is created...
  18. This is not a question about whether Ext is better than the other frameworks. Let's just take that for granted

    However, are there any other javascript frameworks that do have certain advantages...
  19. Looks like Jack really needs to check with legal
  20. Is that the reason they give?

    Dear lord, what exactly is the point with Air then? Why should anyone ever bother installing an Air web page (which is what they are if this is correct, not...
  21. Im considering using Ext and Air for writing an asset management application for animated feature film production. The only alternative for writing the gui, for various reasons, is wxPython or any...
  22. Everyone here writes Internet Explorer as IE, so searching for any discussions referring specifically to that fine browser from the folks at Microsoft is pretty much impossible.

    ds error in ie,...
  23. Thank you so much

    Found a bug though. When you click each radioButton, the on change fires twice, which will lead to problems if the radioButtons are hooked up to ajax calls etc

    just try this,...
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    Brilliant, been looking for that

    But is it possible to change the text template back to default once the user selects Group By this Field from one of the column headers
  25. Once again, thank you so much. This is absolutely invaluable

    However, a few things... It seems to me that the actual table loading has become slower since the last version of the tutorial. Loading...
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