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  1. Haha, actually my bad on that one. I had a typo the whole time which I even copied into my response. I had "path:" with the colon in quotes. Problem solved now - even with HTTPS it works.
  2. No luck. I guess for this one I'll try to download locally. Hopefully they don't update their CDN very often...
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    I think you mis-read my question. I wasn't so much looking for the sarcastic reference to google as much as some insight into Sencha loading patterns. If I had asked about loading JS or CSS files...
  4. There is really no mechanism in the layout system for handling an aspect-ratio scale? That seems like a very core behavior for displaying images...especially in a responsive web world where sizes...
  5. I tried

    "path": "",
    "remote": true
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    Is there a built-in process for preloading images?

    I'm noticing flickers when css background images are changed, and I'm noticing some other visual artifacts that I think are related to image...
  7. That may work for local JS files, I haven't tried downloading the Parse library yet. But I tried that way with the Parse CDN and was unable to access the Parse object.
  8. I have an image sitting in a vbox layout:

  9. I can't figure out how to include 3rd party libraries. I thought I remembered doing this before by just adding a line or two...

    Anyway, I want to include the JS library from their CDN. ...
  10. The solution to the /touch directory is almost certainly to use a git submodule. They can be a bit of a hassle, but they exist for situations like this.

    A git submodule can reference another repo...
  11. I've been working on a number of sencha touch forms in an app to handle CRUD operations and I can't seem to find the consistency in how data/models/proxy interact.

    Most of these forms deal with...
  12. I just tried setting itemHeight to '60px' and variableHeights to true, no change.
  13. How can I have a list size itself to be exactly as tall as its items?
  14. Found the answer. Don't use "defaults", use "itemConfig":!/api/Ext.dataview.DataView-cfg-itemConfig
  15. If I have a List defined something this:

  16. I just inspected the subinput and I see that the isField property is sitting down within the __proto__, but whatever I do with isField happens at the object root.

    How can I affect change on the...
  17. How should I set that to false? I tried passing
    {isField:false} in the Ext.create() call, but no change. I also tried doing
    subinput.isField = false, still no luck.
  18. How can I turn off or otherwise alter the behavior of Form Panels in terms of the recursive search for form values?

    I have a form composed of some basic form elements as well as some compound form...
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