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  1. hmm, sorry for the noob question but, mystix this condor's override needs to be added in which *.js FILE :) ??? and i am having "Error: Permission denied to access property 'dom' from a non-chrome...
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    its finally solved, the leaf=false" attribute in Branch tag of XML was causing problems :( wierd
    catch u all laters ..
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    Hello all
    i want a similar thing as above (to load children from Servlet when parent is expanded) but its not working for me my code :

    The first Time the child get loaded from Servlet but when i...
  4. First of all wonderful work man, Thanks alot i needed this :)
    There is one problem with +/- icon, if u expand a single row of primary grid and then collapse the same row using its '-' sign and then...
  5. hey guys,
    sorry its a noob question :) but, please need help,
    i have one 'StoreMenu' defined
    i wanted to use that menu for multiple items of a TOOLBAR (rather than a new StoreMenu for each )and...
  6. Thanks both of u for replying, really appreciate it
  7. Hello , This is my first post (so sorry if i mess up)
    Nice extension btw..
    My question is on the demo how are u forcing "Force Reload of all menus on each access"???
    and can this be done for...
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