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  1. Is there a workaround for this bug? I'm seeing it on an android build: GET /android_asset/www/resources//fonts/OpenSans-Semibold.ttf gives "net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND"
  2. There is no hierarchy between these two views, other than they are both present in the main Viewport.My comment about ComponentQuery was made because once I moved to the MVC architecture, I never had...
  3. I am getting my feet wet with ExtJS 6, practicing using ViewControllers. I've come across a situation that isn't clearly explained in the guides.

    I have two Views, ViewA and ViewB. Each has its...
  4. I got it to work by completely regenerating my sencha-cordova project.
  5. I've got my app packaged for Cordova using
    sencha ant package build and built for iOS using
    cordova build ios When I run the app on my phone (plugged in to XCode), the app launches but all I see...
  6. I am stuck with this bug too, but can't find any information about EXTJS-10609 that is supposedly a duplicate. Any clues on how to patch this?
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    Of course I figured it out as soon as I posted this!I needed to do a "sencha build production" to get the CSS compiled into MyApp-all.css
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    I'm using a custom theme that extends the Neptune theme and I've written my own MyApp.ux.form.SearchField class based on the Custom Form Field example.

    Here's my code:

  9. Adding the quotes seemed to help, but now I'm getting a different error:

    [ERR] Failed to resolve dependency tinymce.WindowManager for file CSDMail.ux.form.field.TinyMCEWindowManager
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    I had this problem on the first checkcolumn I used in ExtJS 4.2. I didn't need to include any CSS, but I did need to perform a sencha app build before the checkboxes showed up.
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    I got this same problem until I added 'Ext.grid.plugin.DragDrop' to my Application's requires array.
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    I was able to get past this error by removing the extend: tinymce.WindowManager line in TinyMCEWindowManager.js. It allowed the build to complete, but I'm not sure if there will be any downstream...
    Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Sencha Cmd
    Operating System

    Win7 Pro
    Framework used:

    Ext JS 4.2.1
  14. I have a model definition like so:

    Ext.define('AutoAP.model.Vehicle', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    fields: [
    { name: 'id'},
    { name: 'year'},...
  15. I'm having a very similar problem on the latest version of Touch (2.2.1).
  16. I stopped getting this error as I continued to move my code from an older version of Touch to 2.2.1.

    Although I can't be sure, I think this was caused by having two of the same listeners on an...
  17. After much trial and error I finally figured this out. The problem was caused by having a button with a handler that also had a listener in the Controller.
  18. Have you had any luck getting a build to work?
  19. To be sure, I just ran "sencha app upgrade /path/to/touch/2.2.1/", which finished without error, but then running "sencha app build" still fails.
  20. If I recall correctly, I ran "sencha app upgrade" first, and it mentioned that I needed to run again with the -noframework switch, so I did.

    Does the given error shed any light on the situation?
  21. I'm getting the same error since upgrading to 2.2.1, except the first two line numbers are off by one:

    [ERR] The following error occurred while executing this...

    Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Sencha Cmd
    Operating System:

    OSX 10.6.8
    Framework used:
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    I'm about to start a new project and I'm looking at using GXT 3.0 or ExtJS 4.1. It seems to me, based on the product pages, that they are similar, except one is based on Google's GWT and the other...
  24. I had the same problem. The solution is in this thread:
  25. Are HTML5 events distinctly separate from Ext events? I'm looking at the list of events for Ext.field.Search and I don't see one called "search".

    How would I capture that event in my Controller?...
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