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  1. This particular issue is not a bug. Classic doesn't have the ability to do automatic size monitoring like modern does, the scrolling is based around the layout system and updating based off that....
  2. I still don't really understand the problem, the code above is not how I'd go about solving the problem though. Using the parent only makes sense if the data is shared.
  3. I don't really understand what you're asking. In the code you posted, it seems as though the value for code would come from somewhere higher up in the component hierarchy, so the custom component...
  4. A viewModel isn't a bindable thing, you can't do that. Why are you declaring a VM at all? Assuming {someObject} is declared in some VM up the hierarchy, then it will just be inherited by default.
  5. That isn't how view models are configured, they are a config of the component:

    xtype: 'customcomponent',
    viewModel: {
    data: {
    code: 'XXXX'
  6. Oh I see. It doesn't make sense to require it, because by the time you declare the class, the view model doesn't exist. However, it's also not declared in any other file. So it needs to fetch it...
  7. Where is "MyGridModel"? You required it, I don't see it declared in your fiddle.
  8. The event name isn't passed, you would need to do something like:

    online: 'onOnline',
    connect: 'onConnect',

    onOnline: function() {
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    You're adding 2 listeners, they get merged upon construction time. The one on the class definition is mapped to the button controller. The other to the parent because it's on the instance.
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  11. autoLoad tells the store to load from the proxy (defaults to an ajax proxy). If you're specifying inline data, it's redundant.
  12. It's any custom styling. Being empty is perfectly valid, you'll end up with the defaults.
  13. Look at Main.scss, it's assuming the class is a tab panel. Since it's no longer a tab panel, you need to change it appropriately.
  14. You need to use:

    x-fa fa-home
  16. The current code has a store check.
  17. Yes, there's nothing preventing you from doing that. It's a whole lot less powerful though. Theming will be more difficult since it's SASS based. You'll also need to manually include all your js...
  18. It's not really a bug, though a somewhat interesting behaviour. Because the viewmodel operates on a timer, as described in the documentation, by the time the binding fires from the set() call, the...
  19. Test case:

  20. The post above you does just that.
  21. Simpler test case here:
  22. The reason you don't get a batch is because there's no proxy defined, because the m-m doesn't have a "valid" endpoint. For example, you could send the data to either proxy, but that wouldn't be...
  23. This isn't a bug, the event is fired after the group click has completed. You could write an override that would fire a "before" event so that you could veto it.
  24. I don't think this is a bug. The model constructor isn't run until the first load operation is completed (when it's spinning up the records), so one the first request, the root/other reader...
  25. The above is correct, components don't need to be rendered to be queryable.
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