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    Detect drop target node in a tree


    I am using dnd to let the user re-arrange a tree, one element at a time. I can easily get the dragged element but didn't find how to get the drop target. Here is a code snippet:

  2. Thank you for your quick answer. And how to...

    Thank you for your quick answer. And how to declare a context menu in the xml then?
  3. Context Menu declared in uibinder is shown on reveal

    Using ext gwt beta 3.0.0 - beta2 with gwtp 0.6
    when a context menu is declared as follows:

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    dynamic context menu on tree

    I am trying to modify the visible context menu items depending on the selected node in a tree.
    I tried using
  5. Thank you for your response. looks good. How...

    Thank you for your response. looks good.

    How can I access the default resources of the gxt tree? I would like to use the default icons (the folder icon) bundled with gxt?
  6. Chage tree icons base on node underlying data type


    I'm using a com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.tree.Tree. I would like to change the icon of a node based on the tree node's underlying data (and NOT on the fact that the node is leaf or...
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