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  1. Thanks Mitchell. :)

    Thanks Mitchell. :)
  2. does it mean, we cant give the tool tip by xtype in chart?

    does it mean we can't give the tool tip by xtype in chart?
  3. custom tool tips xtype is not working for bar chart.


    I am trying to apply the custom tool tips to bar chart through xtype.

    First i defined the tool tip :

  4. How to pass class reference in a hyperlink cell data of a tree panel ExtJS4

    I have a tree panel. It has a column that has a delete hyperlink for all the rows as shown below:

    planName: someName,
    deleteLink: '<a href="#" onclick="planRef.callClickMe();">Delete</a>'
  5. Thanks for replying Scott martin. There isn't...

    Thanks for replying Scott martin.

    There isn't any error on the console. And to delete a record, the command fired does not gives back any response. It only gives a success or error code stating...
  6. Thanks for replying friend. I've already tried...

    Thanks for replying friend.

    I've already tried it. But treestore's load method throws error. :s (a is undefined)

    Moreover browser isn't caching the JSON response, neither is the server request...
  7. How to refresh or re-render TreePanel ExtJS4?


    I have a list of records in a tree panel ExtJS4.
    I can delete a record through delete button below the treepanel. After the delete service is sent to the server, refreshed data is collected...
  8. Is there any Search List in Ext JS4 like Sencha Touch 2.0 has?


    Sencha Touch 2.0 has a search filed in list of examples headed as "Search List".
    I want to implement exactly the same thing in Ext JS4 - search filed on a tree panel.
    The search filed I can...
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    Hi JoaquingtThanks for replying. ...

    Hi JoaquingtThanks for replying.
    But i have used below code and it's not working.
    It says "
    TypeError: a is undefined


    Code goes below:
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    Hi Sword, Thanks for the reply but I have...

    Hi Sword,
    Thanks for the reply but I have already tried the code you provided.
    Even it is also not working. :(

  11. Data not getting displayed in a TreePanel, after it is dynamically set in card layout


    If I declare a tree panel in a file say PlanController and pass a dynamically generated store to the panel and then add it to the viewport(card layout), the data gets displayed very well, as...
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    Refresh a TreePanel after deleting a row

    After the tree panel gets prepared and displayed on the screen, there is a Delete record button, which works fine (as when I ran the application again from login page, the deleted record is not...
  13. Hi Zdeno, Thanks it worked. :)

    Hi Zdeno,
    Thanks it worked. :)
  14. Is there any setStore() method for TreePanel?

    In my case I have a template defined for a treepanel but I have to pass the actual data(dynamic data) only after certains start up tasks are completed.
    So the usecase is to pass store to...
  15. Hi, The problem got solved. I did a silly...


    The problem got solved.
    I did a silly mistake :D.

    Instead of :
    text: planList[i],
    id: someId,
  16. How to define multiple columns in TreePanel with dynamic data in first column

    Initially I created a treepanel with (by default) single column, whose data needs to be manipulated from an array. This runtime manipulation was done through appendChild() method.

    The code...
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    I tried sending 61 requests to the server with a...

    I tried sending 61 requests to the server with a sleep of 20 secs. All requests are getting batched even without implementing enablebuffer.

    And if I set buffer value to 10 secs and timeout value...
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    Requests not batching through RemotingProvider.enableBuffer

    Hi Pagullo,

    I tried batching requests fired in 60 seconds through RemotingProvider.enableBuffer but in Firebug I can still see different requests.

    My code goes here :
  19. @DirectPollMethod - Long running request with Polling technique

    The requirement of my application is to continously poll the server till the response is not received.

    Controller class code:

    private String getChartData() throws InterruptedException {...
  20. Long Polling through clinet pull technology in Ext JS4

    Can anyone please suggest how to long poll the server call through client pull technology in ExtJS4?:-/

    Thanks In Advance,
    Shweta Sharma
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    To be more specific I have 3 components on my...

    To be more specific I have 3 components on my screen - 2 FusionCharts and 1 Ext JS 4 DataGrid.
    I want them to be loaded asynchronously.

    What is the most efficient way to do this?

    If any 3rd...
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    Hi Scott, Thanks for the reply. My existing...

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the reply.

    My existing application is in Flex(UI) and server and DB integration is through Spring and Hibernate.
    Flex is communicating with Java code through a mediator...
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    Handle Asynchronous request in Ext JS


    I am using HTML and Ext JS 4 for my application.
    Can anyone suggest what can I do to make a long polling service for asynchronous requests through Ext JS4 or any other way so that I can...
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