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  1. Browser zoom should be supported. How can Sencha claim it supports accessibility and not support browser zoom? Furthermore, Windows has DPI settings which automatically set the browser zoom level. ...
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    I get the difference between MVC and MVVM (and I much prefer the latter, not for databinding so much, but for things including those you mention). I was comparing upgrading Ext and not using the new...
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    More of an acquisition thing. It is hard to justify cost when there are free alternatives with developer and project management advocates. People who have experience with ExtJs projects and prefer...
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    Because nobody complains here about ExtJs performance? Indeed people have left over it.

    You mean like ExtJs 4.0? Hey lets use MVC and revamp the class system!

    Or do you mean like ExtJs 5.0?...
  5. It's not necessary(unless you don't do it any other way) and I don't personally use it. It is just another way of making sure it gets the file. I typically require my views on their parents since...
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    I tend to agree. That said, if one is using a REST proxy the problem is quite simple to handle. If it was really important to me, I would just create a custom writer.
  7. You really should look into your CSS. I would temporarily remove the custom CSS rules and use the default css for the theme. Also, be sure you are using ext5 based theme css. Often when people...
  8. your problem is that "this" in your callback is global. So you are creating a global variable instead of assigning it to the variable on the controller. That is the reason the above poster's...
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    your Fiddle.GlobalVar is not singleton
  10. Also seeing this issue. Generating the default classic app with Sencha Cmd I see this:


    Other people seeing this issue here:

  11. But this is the default browser zoom I am using. I believe Firefox looks at the display settings on Windows. My windows setting is set to medium. If I play with browser zoom enough I can get it to...

    I'm on Firefox 38.2.0.
    Ext 6.02

    Switch to classic theme and overflow menu is on wrong line depending...
  13. I think it does:

    1. Component extends widget -> destroy does callParent():

    2. widget destroy...
  14. I'm not saying to do that. Your accept headers are not the problem. I am saying set your response headers in your back-end code. You are showing me Javascript. The fix is not in your Javascript...
  15. You are confusing request headers with response headers. Don't specify the accept headers at all and they will be correct. The response needs to be text/plain or text/html. This is done in you...
  16. You are probably sending the application/json instead of text/html content type. When you upload a file, it creates an iframe with a form and does a submit. It's not a normal ajax request. IE ...
  17. Great post. Will definitely reference it in the future. Memory leaks can sometimes be difficult to track down.
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    Your store.load fires an async request. When you check the store count, it will not have returned yet. This logic needs to be done in the callback. The load method has a callback option you can...
  19. You should not do such things... just override it.

    However, if you want to make other developers cry, you could hack it by setting a classes prototype to the singleton. This is javascript after...
  20. Best bet is to make your project run on CMD. It's usually not hard to do if you at least follow architectural conventions. Just generate a new project with your current SDK and replace the app...
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    You can do it successfully exactly as stated. You are doing something wrong. Open a new thread describing your problem rather than reviving a long dead one.
  22. Thanks, Mitch. That makes perfect sense now.
  23. Is it possible to define methods on a viewcontroller for arbitrary view properties that aren't events?

    For example, getclass on an actioncolumn. It would be nice if I could put that logic in the...
  24. A grid that allows editing and has renderers in the viewcontroller does not display them until manually refreshed. This behavior does not happen when the renderer is directly on the view.
    Try using...
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    Those "brainwashed people" who use frameworks other than Ext affect my ability to find work with Ext. Sencha cannot exist without customers. I want Sencha to succeed because that is what I am good...
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