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  1. I am not familiar with iOS build parameters, but based on my findings with Android I would assume that Sencha Cmd has a hard-coded version of iOS that it builds against and if you don't have that...
  2. I had the same problem and I fixed it after few hours of debugging. It was a pain !!!

    In order to debug it I had to install Cmd 4.0 and Sencha 2.3.1 to see better log messages, in which it...
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    I ran into the same problem and then checked the source code for Radio class and it turns out that getValue() method returns either 'true' or 'null'.

    Since getGroupValue() calls getValue() in it's...
  4. I added a "JS Resource" and pointed it's url to the location of the file. Once created SA lets you modify the code of that file in the editor.
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