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    Even if I declare them with a requires property inside the object passed to Ext.application method it does not add them to the build descriptor. The generated build descriptor contains only 2 of my...
  2. Oh.... and not only the "requires" statement, when some controller reference some view, the view should be declared first ...
  3. The error occurs because of "requires" statements, it is safe to delete all "requires" statements (I garantee that I'll have all class defined but not in the order that classes which depends on other...
  4. I put all my ext js files inside one file(allClasses.js) and imported this file and ext-all js, ext-all js script gives me error that it does not find some classes, but they are all present.
  5. I just want to build a Ext js application for using it in production and I can't figure how.
  6. I don't use any of them directly. The matter is that the application works ok with the following imports in index.html :
    In this case it download all dependencies in...
  7. The JSB3 descriptor and then the app-all.js file get generated but they do not contain all dependencies.
    Ext download missing dep. them in runtime :
    I checked the all-classes and the...
  8. If I don't load ext.js I get "Ext is not defined".
    I see in resources AbstractCard, I can't find out AbstractCard in app-all.js neither in all-classes.js.
    For example Observable.js is declared in...
  9. I installed the application in C:\Sencha;
    First disappointment was when I should firstly deploy te application, start the application server and only then the command 'sencha create jsb -a...
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    What I am doing is described in Ext JS 4, getting started : section 3. Deployement.
    There is a tool that analyzes your app.js and make a file app-all.js which you should include in your app.
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    Is there any way to integrate the ext-js building in a maven project ?
    We have a web application with the server side written in Java taht gets builded in a war using maven. As for now I saw that...
  12. sencha create jsb -a <html_file_name> -p <js_builder_file_name> command does not work, I tried both sencha form bin and command, a lot of blank lines and no result.
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