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  1. Hi

    I can replicate this issue with touch 2.0 running on latest chrome browser. There is an occasional javascript garbage collection (but this changes from browser to browser). What is the exact...
  2. Hi

    I have gzipped data sent to client side. Since handling this compression is browser specific, just wanted to know if Ext provides any additional framework/ API for handling zipped data?
  3. what I am asking is, if both static and singleton classes are kept in memory during execution? Or if they are loaded (like custom class loader in java load classes on request).

    sorry for using...
  4. Hi
    I just wanted to understand the "scope" of a class made singleton vs a static class in ExtJs. Is there a lazy loading mechanism in place or if their references are kept in memory?

  5. should I ask this question in separate thread?
  6. Do such classes exist during the whole lifetime (I mean throughout code). In that case they must be costly. Isn't that so?

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