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    Hello everyone,

    In the Tree<T> widget we have the following 2 methods: findNode(Element e) and findNode(T model), while in TreeGrid<T> we only have findNode(Element e). Unfortunately, I need the...
  2. Seems that you don't have such method? It would be usefull it some cases. For now we overrided handleAppend and handleInsert with some extra logic.
  3. Hey!

    Thank you, this worked. But how can we know if releasing the mouse would cause an APPEND or INSERT operation? We want to cancel the event only in specific cases.

    Thanks in advance
  4. Hello! Any news on this problem? We're trying to find solution now as well. The old way of getting node element by DNDEvent.getTarget() is not working any more. getTarget() on DNDMoveHandler just...
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    So, finally the problem was in Grails BuildConfig, there should be a line

    gwt.use.provided.deps = true

    Then it takes in account all provided libs, because at some point it was not only with...
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    Hey, Collin!

    Thank you for your reply!
    We're using maven, but for deployed versions. For developing we're working with Grails 2.0 and GXT. This run-gwt-client comes from Grails. Currently I'm...
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    Hey guys, I spent about 3h today trying to solve this problem, but still w/o any success. I added gxt-3.0.0-rc.jar from the zip file to dependencies path and also to class path for run app. The...
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    I'm wondering why there's no such a useful method as isLoaded for tree nodes? There is no way to get directly whether the information about nodes is in tree store cache or not. I need this...
  9. Ok, so after a while i got that there is a methos register(M m) in a TreePanel class, which at line 1470 puts newly loaded nodes to javaMap "cache". It uses id "x-auto-21_x-auto-#" as a key and "new...
  10. Ok, i got through all DnD chain. After drop all the data are in cache (the all variable of treestore class, which is a map of all objects loaded in store), but the node parameter loaded is false, so...
  11. Hello!

    I'm working on DnD tree. To populate store i'm using loader which makes calls to the RPC service. The service retrieves data from the database using Groovy service.
    Before, when I was...
  12. Thank you, managed to get the "moved over" nodes. Now it's the case of logic only.
  13. Hello!

    Is it possible to get in dragEnter or dragMove events the node, over which the drugged one has been moved?
    I have several different models in my tree and I need to avoid dropping between...
  14. So, it seems that solution is to get the dragged node model and then on the dragDrop event call the TreeStore getNextSibling or getPreviousSibling methods and pass them this model. This will return...
  15. Hey!

    I have the same problem now, did you manage to find the solution?
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