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  1. I dont have access to the json i am getting. It is from the third party and i dont want to retrieve the data and then send it back to my backend to process and massage the data and then send it back...
  2. Ok i figured it out.
    The problem was that the treestore take the
    "root" as the data object and not "data" in the configuration property.

  3. I am having trouble with the nestedlist implementation.
    Below is my code.Below is the sample code i have.

    var localObj = {
  4. Hi
    It seems like scripttag doesnt help. What you have to do is add a callback to your request and set the server so that it it adds the callback with the results. If you still cant do it then i...
  5. Hi
    Did you get that fixed. I am very new to Sencha, i am trying to build the test application with sencha touch and facing the same issue.
    I am using scripttag to query this url...
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