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  1. Any update on this? Why we are not able to get columns in this case?
  2. Here is the code snippet. on a refresh button click, I'm calling onReloadStore on the controller. below is the code snippet (masked) for the controller, store, model and grid. pls ignore any syntax...
  3. hi there,

    I have put the enableLocking: true on the grid and filterOnLoad: true. But the grid doesn't get filter on reload. these are local filters.

    after reload I debug the code and I see...
  4. when trying to turn enableLocking and selMode the filter row is not working. in case of locking the locked column filter header cell is moving right and in case of selMode (CheckboxSelection) it is...
  5. in number field actual value could be 1000 but we can show it formatted value as 1,000. but still when we submit the form we get value as 1000. Do we have similar feature for the textfields too?
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