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  1. 我不明白中国
  2. No I cant :/ sorry
  3. Hello (and sorry about my english)!

    My question is:

    I build application when is tree (left side) and panel with items (right side).
    Tree and panel are in viewport container element.
    When i...
  4. Thanks for your help
    I used
  5. How can I send it by POST in array? How can I send Array not each individual formul element?

    <input name="inp1">
    <input name="inp2">

    $_POST['myData'] = array('inp1' => 'value1', 'inp2' =>...
  6. when I use Ext.Ajax.request () is always a form will be sent without checking the validation and how I use form.submit () form will be checked whether the data have been introduced and if so, submit
  7. var obj1 = Ext.PanelForm( id: 'formObj1', ....);

    clientValidation: true,
    method: 'POST',
    url: ['serverPHP_extjsjson_url'], // <--- some url...
  8. I dont know how use this
  9. Sory about my english... but I'll try
    How can I send request and respons from ExtJS 3.4 with formul and response via PHP JSON?
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