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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have the following problem:
    I'm using Google Maps v3 in my app and so I have the following lines in my index.html:

    <script type="text/javascript"...
  2. I fixed the problem myself, so this thread can be closed.

    In case someone is interested, I just skipped the whole rendering-functions in the "activate"-listener and it worked :)
  3. Hello everyone,

    I'm stuck at the following point:

    When I load the MapView, the Google Maps is loaded BUT it is only in the upper half of the Panel, like the first 10% of the upper panel. I'm...
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    right now I'm interested in the same topic and have the following question based on the given answers:

    When I use now the Sqlite, I'm not directly using the simple local storage anymore,...
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    Unfortunately both method dont work in my project... :/

    I have some listeners in my view and the rendering-events (afterRender f.e.) are not fired..

    To give a better overview:

    My View: I...
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    Hello everyone,

    is there a chance to rerender one of my views? I'm using google maps in it, but want it only to be rendered, when the app/phone (using phonegap) is online.

    But yet I havent...
  7. Hello everyone,

    I have integrated Google Maps Api 3 in my app but when I'm offline (having no internet connection) and start the app the following error is thrown:
  8. I'm using Android 2.2 with my HTC Desire; anotherone with 2.3.3 on Samsung Galaxy isnt it working either.
  9. Hello everyone,

    I implemented Google Maps into my Sencha Touch app but when using it on my smartphone I cant zoom by pinching. Do I have to activate it somehow first or is this feature not yet...
  10. Hello,

    easy scenario:
    I have a store with a localStorage proxy.

    When I update my JSON-object with ".set('timeCreated', 203994) and use store.sync(); the JSON-object is correctly in the store...
  11. Hello,

    when I try to persist a JSON-Object with an image as Base64-String to the localStorage, close my app, start it again and then load my JSON-Object from localStorage, all attributes are...
  12. Excuse me but I'm not totally done with it yet.

    The problem is, that I have a localStorage under the Store. And with store.removeAll() or and then a sync(), the records in the...
  13. I have exactly the same problem and i didnt get the clue from your answer, Mitchell.

    Sorry, but what should I do now, to make the counter go down by one if I remove a record in my storage?
  14. Havent found it in the API to but thanks! :-)
  15. Actually I thought it is:;

    But its not working...any other solution or what is wrong with this attempt?

    Thanks in advance,
  16. Is it also possible to get all records in JSON-format (of course by using a JSONStore)??

    So that you get something like [{"id":1, "name": ....}, {"id":2,...}, {...}] ?

    Big thanks in advance :-)
  17. Ah of course, sorry for the question.

    Thread is solved :)
  18. Hey all,

    when I use my function returning a value by Ext.dispatch I only get "undefined" in the variable.

    For example:

    'returnString': function(){
    return "Hello";
  19. Hello,

    I'm looking for a method of to get all the records inside.

    In the API documentation, I haven't found a method, that simply provides you all records like a normal...
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    Yeah, but I'm looking for an update-function.
  21. Hello all,

    its a quite simple question:
    When declaring my fields/attributes in the model, I have three "int"-fields that should always have the value "0", right from the beginning on.

    Is it...
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    Hello everyone,

    I have to use a update method for my models but cant find it in the API for the JSONStore. I'm using the localStorage for saving my data.

    Actually, I'm used to having access to...
  23. Has really nobody an idea/solution?? :(
  24. Do you have any clue/idea or something? Or need maybe more information?

    I really tried a lot try&error but it didnt worked out unfortunatelly. And in the internet I can not really find an...
  25. I use the normal method "Application.stores.userStore.sync()".

    Or to give you a small example how I fill the store in the login:

    url: url,
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