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  1. @ChronoT52
    The is defined. The is undefined..

    When using ext- the function exists..
    Im using buffered with a...
  2. Hello,

    Switching to the latest version gives me the next problem
    I'm checking if a record "ID" allready exists in the store with the following

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    Thanks lelit,

    I have been blind i think...
    Going to tweak the files...

    It works...
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    I'm using FilterBar successfully with Ext 4.1.3 but after upgrading to 4.2.0663 I get an error when loading the grid.

    This is a part of the code im using:

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    Great plugin

    Is it possible to apply the filter on the local store (just like the Ext.ux.grid.GridFilters)
    I have all the record allready into the grid..
  6. I'm using BufferView (about 10000 records) and discovered that its acting very slow in IE7 and IE8. The CPU jumps to 100% and stays there for about 50 sec and freezes the browser when you start to...
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    Hi everyone,

    I like the extjs flot very much. Lots of possibilities
    I'm using extflot in my site to display measurands in serveral line-graphs. But I notice that the memory consumation is rising...
  8. xor,

    Ok, I will wait for your update.
    In the meantime I replace tinyMCE with HTMLEditor and keep on searching for solutions..
  9. xor,

    I'm using Ext JS version 3.2.0, tinymce version 3.2 (release date 201003-25) and your Ext.ux.TinyMCE version 0.8.2.
    Browsers: FireFox 3.5.9 and IE version 6. Other browsers are not used.
  10. Dumbledore,

    I have tryed your preposal but this did not work for me..
    Also tryed "forceLayout" on the tabpanel without result..

    But thanks for your reply..

  11. Xor,

    Thanks for your reply. I have created a test (as you recommented) and created a zipfile attached to this reply..
    More problem description (to create them) are included into the HTML file..
  12. Hello xor,

    I'm using tinymce in a window containing a form panel and a tabpanel.
    This tabpanel contains tree tabs with a tinymce editor inside.

    If I click on each tab everything works ok, but...
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    Having the same problem as geoffd.

    this.el.dom is undefined
    line 9738 in ext-all-debug

    This problem does not occure with version 3.0 only with version 3.1+
  14. Hi to all,

    I want to create a simplecolorpicker column into a grid row and assign the selected color to the underlaying cell , just like a datepicker.
    I have no idee how to create this column.
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