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  1. Hi, eveyone

    I have a form now.

    Ext.define('AdminLevel', {
    extend : '',
    fields : ['id', 'level_name', 'priority'],
    idProperty : 'id'
  2. As the new feature, the Extjs 4 can load classes dynamically, but it only support js files now.

    I have a portal which is written with php and zend framwork.

    Some of my js scripts are outputted...
  3. IC

    thanks a lot

    but why the samples of the treepanel not be included in the download pack....
  4. Hi, everyone

    I tried to make a sample with the extjs4 now

    but when i tried to use new Ext.tree.TreeLoader()

    it reported that Ext.tree.TreeLoader is not a constructor.

    And i found the...
  5. hi, everyone

    i have read some codes about the extjs

    but something confused me.

    when i create my own class, which is extend from some existing class

    i can add my own functions like this:
  6. Sorry

    but, how to remove the 'for' attribute?
  7. Sorry

    it doesn't work

    i think it's a bug of extjs

    you can have a try of my code

    if the fieldset is not collapsible, it will be displayed correctly
  8. thanks very much!

    i have already resolved this problem
  9. hi ,everyone

    i have a new problem now!

    this is my code
    in IE8,FF,chrome
    it works

    but in IE6, it doesn't work
  10. Hi, i have a problem now

    I have a formpanel with comboboxes

    but when i open the formpanel
    it always focus on the last combox instead of the first item.

    and the focused combobox will display...
  11. Hi, everyone

    i have override the setvalue function of the combobox

    so it will load the store when the value is set automaticly

    but i don't know why the drop list can't hide now

    this is my...
  12. hi, everyone

    i have a formpanel now

    in the form panel, i have a combobox like this:

    valueField :'id',
  13. Hi, everyone

    How can i disable this feature?

    I don't want to allow user to check/uncheck the box by clicking the field label

    i want to force them to click the box to check/uncheck
  14. No, i have a problem
    I want o add a radiogroup to the form

    and the width of the form is not fixed

    so i want to make all the radios in a flow layout

    is there any solution for this?
  15. thanks !
  16. thanks very much!

    But, do you know how to do the ajax validation?
    the valiadtor function can't return result from the ajax result
    How should i do can make the function return the correct value?
  17. Hi, everyone

    i have problem now.

    You know, when i add a listener to the textfield, i can set the scope like this:

  18. Hello, everyone

    i have a problem now.

    there's a remote combobox in the form
    when i load the form, it can't set the combox correctly,because the combo's store has not been loaded.

    I know...
  19. hi,everyone

    in pure html, we can use some checkboxes with the same name like this:

    <input type="checkbox" name="chk" value=1/>
    <input type="checkbox" name="chk" value=2/>
  20. Replies
    I have read some sample code
    i found that the gxt use RPC to do the request.

    can i use the normal http ajax post to do the request?

    for example , i want to load data to a grid,how to do it?
  21. Replies

    i want to do a project with gxt

    but i don't know how to use some extjs plugins in the gxt project

    such as gridfilter,rowaction

    these're good plugins
  22. I have read the sample,but the smaple is drag and drop from one to another grid.

    If i have many grids, and need to dnd between all of them,how can i do this?

    is there any sample?
  23. hi,guys

    i want to seperate the date picker to 3 combos,year,month,day

    because in my project ,user need to choose only year,or year and month ,or choose year,month,day

    so i want to seperate...
  24. hi,guys

    i have a toolbar now

    but the items is too many,and some can not be displayed ,and the toolbar shows a ">>"

    i want to make the items in multi-lines that the user don't need to click...
  25. i didn't know it before..

    thanks,i'm looking the sample and trying to use it now.
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